b'United StatesPopular cultureUnited StatesLocal history United StatesNational songsDewey: 973 Use: National songsUnited StatesBroader Term(s): Local history United StatesNaval historyUnited StatesMail Dewey: 359.00973Use: Postal serviceUnited States Broader Term(s): Naval historyUnited StatesManufactures United StatesNeutralityUse: ManufacturesUnited States Use: NeutralityUnited StatesUnited StatesMaps United StatesOccupationsDewey: 912.73 Use: OccupationsUnited StatesUse For: United StatesAtlases United StatesOfficials and employeesBroader Term(s): AtlasesMaps Dewey: 351.73Narrower Term(s):United StatesHistorical Use For: United StatesEmployees; UnitedgeographyMaps StatesGovernment employeesRelated Term(s): Civil serviceUnited StatesUnited StatesMilitary historyDewey: 355.00973; 973 United StatesParachute troopsBroader Term(s): Military history Use: United States. Army Parachute troopsUnited StatesMilitary offensesUse: Military offensesUnited States United StatesPeoplesUse: EthnologyUnited StatesUnited StatesMilitary personnel United StatesPictorial worksUse: Military personnelUnitedStates Dewey: 917.30022Use For: United StatesDescription andUnited StatesMilitary policy travelViewsUse: Military policyUnited States United StatesPoliceUnited StatesMilitia Use: PoliceUnited StatesDewey: 355.3 United StatesPoliticiansBroader Term(s): Armed forcesNarrower Term(s):United StatesNational Guard Use: PoliticiansUnited StatesUnited StatesMonetary policy United StatesPoliticsUse: Monetary policyUnited States Use: United StatesPolitics andgovernmentUnited StatesMoral conditions United StatesPolitics and governmentDewey: 973Broader Term(s): Moral conditions Dewey: 973Scope Note: Use for materials on contemporaryUnited StatesMunicipal government American politics and government.Use: Municipal governmentUnited Historical materials are enteredStates under United StatesHistory withUnited StatesNational characteristics the appropriate chronologicalsubdivision.Use: American national characteristics Use For: American government; AmericanUnited StatesNational Guard politics; United States Dewey: 355.3 Government; United States Use For: National Guard (U.S.) PoliticsBroader Term(s): United StatesMilitia Broader Term(s): Political sciencePoliticsUnited StatesNational parks and reserves Public administrationUse: National parks and reservesNarrower Term(s):Third parties (United StatesUnited States politics)United StatesNational security United StatesPopular cultureUse: National securityUnited States Use: Popular cultureUnited States997'