b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUnited StatesPopulation United StatesSocial conditionsDewey: 304.60973 Dewey: 973Broader Term(s): Population Broader Term(s): Social conditionsUnited StatesPostal service United StatesSocial life and customsUse: Postal serviceUnited States Dewey: 973United StatesPresidents Broader Term(s): Manners and customsUse: PresidentsUnited States United StatesSocial policyUnited StatesPrisons Use: Social policyUnited StatesUse: PrisonsUnited States United StatesSoldiersUnited StatesPublic buildings Use: SoldiersUnited StatesUse: Public buildingsUnited States United StatesState governmentsUnited StatesPublic debts Use: State governmentsUse: Public debtsUnited States United StatesStatisticsUnited StatesPublic health Dewey: 317.3Broader Term(s): StatisticsUse: Public healthUnited StatesUnited StatesSurveysUnited StatesPublic lands Dewey: 972Use: Public landsUnited States Scope Note: Use for materials containing theUnited StatesPublic schools results of land surveys of the UnitedUse: Public schoolsUnited States States.Use For: United StatesLand surveysUnited StatesPublic works United StatesTariffUse: Public worksUnited StatesUse: TariffUnited StatesUnited StatesRace relations United StatesTaxationDewey: 305.800973Broader Term(s): Race relations Use: TaxationUnited StatesUnited StatesRegisters United StatesTerm limits (Public office)Dewey: 917.30025 Use: Term limits (Public office) Scope Note: Use for lists of names without United Statesaddresses. Lists of names that United StatesTerritorial expansioninclude addresses are entered under Dewey: 973United StatesDirectories. Use For: Expansion (United States politics);Related Term(s): United StatesDirectories Manifest destiny (United States);United StatesReligion United StatesAnnexations;Dewey: 200.973; 277.3 Westward movementBroader Term(s): Religion United StatesTerritorial watersRelated Term(s): United StatesChurch history Use: Territorial watersUnitedUnited StatesReligious history StatesUse: United StatesChurch history United StatesTerritories and possessionsUnited StatesRural conditions Dewey: 325; 973Dewey: 307.720973 Use For: United StatesInsular possessionsBroader Term(s): Rural sociology United StatesTravelUnited StatesSecret service Use: United StatesDescription andUse: Secret serviceUnited States travelUnited StatesSeparation of powers United StatesTreatiesUse: Separation of powersUnited Use: United StatesForeign relationsStatesTreaties998'