b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUnited States. ArmyRecruiting and enlistment United States. NavyBiographyDewey: 355.2 Dewey: 920Use For: United States. ArmyEnlistment Broader Term(s): BiographyBroader Term(s): Recruiting and enlistment United States. NavyEnlistmentUnited States. ArmyRetirements Use: United States. Navy Use: United States. ArmyRecruiting and enlistmentAppointments and retirements United States. NavyHandbooks, manuals, etc.United States. ArmySoldiers handbooks Dewey: 359Use: United States. ArmyUse For: Sailors handbooks; United States.Handbooks, manuals, etc. NavyOfficers handbooks;United States. ArmySongs United States. NavySailorshandbooksDewey: 782.42Use For: United States. ArmyMusic; United States. NavyInsigniaUnited States. ArmySongs and Dewey: 359.1music Broader Term(s): InsigniaBroader Term(s): Songs United States. NavyMedals, badges,United States. ArmySongs and music decorations, etc.Use: United States. ArmySongs Dewey: 359.1United States. ArmyUniforms Broader Term(s): InsigniaDewey: 355.1 MedalsUnited States. Congress United States. NavyOfficersDewey: 328.73 Dewey: 359.3Use For: Congress (U.S.) Broader Term(s): Military personnelBroader Term(s): Legislative bodies United States. NavyOfficers handbooksUnited States. Congress. House Use: United States. Navy Dewey: 328.73 Handbooks, manuals, etc.Use For: House of Representatives (U.S.); United States. NavyRecruiting and enlistmentRepresentatives, House of (U.S.) Dewey: 359.2United States. Congress. Senate Use For: United States. NavyEnlistmentDewey: 328.73 Broader Term(s): Recruiting and enlistmentUse For: Senate (U.S.) United States. NavySailors handbooksUnited States. Constitution Use: United States. Navy Dewey: 342.73 Handbooks, manuals, etc.Use For: American constitution; Constitution United States. Supreme Court(U.S.) Dewey: 347.73United States. Constitution. 1st-10th amendments Use For: Supreme CourtUnited StatesDewey: 342.73 Broader Term(s): CourtsUse For: American Bill of rights; Bill of United States. Supreme CourtBiographyrights (U.S.); United StatesBill Dewey: 920of rights Broader Term(s): BiographyUnited States. Declaration of independence United Steelworkers of AmericaDewey: 973.3 Dewey: 331.88Use For: Declaration of independence (U.S.) Broader Term(s): Labor unionsUnited States. Library of Congress Universal bibliographic controlUse: Library of Congress Use: Bibliographic controlUnited States. Navy Universal historyDewey: 359 Use: World historyBroader Term(s): NaviesUnited StatesArmed forces1000'