b'Unmarried peopleUniversal language Unmanned aerial vehiclesDewey: 401 Use: Drone aircraftUse For: International language; Language, Unmarried couplesInternational; Language, Universal;World language Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Language and languages Dewey: 306.84Linguistics Use For: Cohabitation; Common lawNarrower Term(s):Esperanto marriage; Living together; Trialmarriage; Unmarried peopleUniversal military training Broader Term(s): LifestylesUse: Draft Shared housingUniverse Narrower Term(s):Single parentsDewey: 113; 523.1 Unmarried fathersScope Note: Use for materials limited to the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyphysical description of the universe. Dewey: 306.874; 362.82General and theoretical materials on Scope Note: Use for materials on fathers who atthe science or philosophy of the the time of childbirth were notuniverse are entered under married to the childs mother.Cosmology. Materials on fathers rearing childrenUse For: Cosmogony; Cosmography without a partner in the householdNarrower Term(s):Astronomy are entered under Single-parentCosmology families. Materials on fathers whoLife on other planets are teenagers are entered underRelated Term(s): Creation Teenage fathers.Universities Use For: Parents, Unmarried; UnmarriedUse: Colleges and universities parents; Unwed fathersBroader Term(s): FathersUniversities and colleges Single parentsUse: Colleges and universities Related Term(s): IllegitimacyUniversity degrees Unmarried menUse: Academic degrees Use: Single menUniversity extension Unmarried mothersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 378.1 Dewey: 306.874; 362.83Broader Term(s): Colleges and universities Scope Note: Use for materials on mothers who atDistance education the time of giving birth were notHigher education married to the childs father.Narrower Term(s):Adult education Materials on mothers rearingCorrespondence schools and children without a partner in thecourses household are entered underMassive open online courses Single-parent families. Materialson mothers who are teenagers areUniversity graduates entered under Teenage mothers.Use: College graduates Use For: Parents, Unmarried; UnmarriedUniversity libraries parents; Unwed mothersUse: Academic libraries Broader Term(s): MothersSingle parentsUniversity of Alberta Related Term(s): IllegitimacyDewey: 378.7123 Unmarried parentsBroader Term(s): Colleges and universitiesUse: Unmarried fathersCanada Unmarried mothersUniversity students Unmarried peopleUse: College students Use: Single peopleUnmarried couples1001'