b'American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976Novelists American poetryCollectionsDewey: 811.008American opinion of Canada American poetryHistory and criticismUse: CanadaForeign opinionDewey: 811.009United StatesAmerican orations American poetsUse: American speeches Dewey: 920Use For: Poets, AmericanAmerican painters Broader Term(s): American authorsUse: PaintersUnited States PoetsAmerican painting American politiciansDewey: 759.13 Use: PoliticiansUnited StatesUse For: Painting, American American politicsBroader Term(s): Painting Use: United StatesPolitics andAmerican periodicals governmentUse: PeriodicalsUnited States American potteryAmerican personal names Dewey: 738.0973Use: Personal namesUnited States Use For: Pottery, AmericanBroader Term(s): PotteryAmerican philosophersUse: PhilosophersUnited States American printsDewey: 769.973American philosophy Use For: Prints, AmericanDewey: 191 Broader Term(s): PrintsUse For: Philosophy, AmericanBroader Term(s): Philosophy American propagandaDewey: 303.3; 327.1American poetry Use For: Propaganda, AmericanDewey: 811 Broader Term(s): PropagandaScope Note: Use for general materials aboutAmerican poetry, not for individual American prose literatureworks. Dewey: 818Broader Term(s): American literature Scope Note: Use for collections of prose writingsPoetry by several American authors thatNarrower Term(s):American ballads may include a variety of literaryforms, such as essays, fiction,American poetryAfrican American authors orations, etc. May also be used forDewey: 811 general materials about such proseScope Note: Use for collections or materials writings.about American poetry by several Use For: Prose literature, AmericanAfrican American authors, not for Broader Term(s): American literatureindividual works.Use For: African American poetry; American American RevolutionpoetryAfro-American authors; Use: United StatesHistory American poetryBlack authors; 1775-1783, RevolutionBlack poetry (American) American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976Narrower Term(s):Blues poetry Dewey: 973.3American poetryAfro-American authors Use For: American Bicentennial;Use: American poetryAfrican Bicentennial celebrationsUnitedAmerican authors States1976; United States Bicentennial celebrations; UnitedAmerican poetryBlack authors StatesHistory1775-1783,Use: American poetryAfrican RevolutionCentennialAmerican authors celebrations, etc.Broader Term(s): United StatesCentennialcelebrations, etc.39'