b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRural sociology Use For: Computer utility programs;Social change ComputersUtility programs;Social conditions Utilities (Computer programs);Urban sociology Utility programs (ComputerRelated Term(s): Cities and townsGrowth software)UrbanizationCanada Broader Term(s): Computer softwareDewey: 307.76 Utilities, PublicUS Use: Public utilitiesUse: United States Utility programs (Computer software)USA Use: Utilities (Computer software)Use: United States Utilization of wasteUsage Use: SalvageUse names of languages and groups of languages with Utopian fictionthe subdivision Usage, e.g. English languageDewey: 808.3; 808.83Usage [to be added as needed] Scope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials aboutUsed merchandise imaginative accounts of idealUse: Secondhand trade societies. Theoretical materialsUseful arts about ideal societies and accounts ofUse: Industrial arts practical attempts to create suchsocieties are entered under Utopias.Useful insects Use For: Ideal states; Utopian literature;Use: Beneficial insects UtopiasFictionBroader Term(s): Fantasy fictionUser-generated media Science fictionUse: Social media Related Term(s): UtopiasUSMA Utopian literatureUse: United States Military Academy Use: Utopian fictionUSSR UtopiasUse: RussiaHistory1917-1991, UtopiasSoviet Union Dewey: 321; 335Utensils Scope Note: Use for theoretical materials on idealUse: Implements, utensils, etc. societies and for accounts ofpractical attempts to create suchUtensils, Kitchen societies. Imaginative accounts ofUse: Kitchen utensils ideal societies are entered underUtopian fiction.Utilitarianism Use For: Ideal states; Utopian literatureDewey: 144 Broader Term(s): Political scienceBroader Term(s): Ethics SocialismNarrower Term(s):Secularism Related Term(s): Collective settlementsRelated Term(s): Pragmatism ParadiseUtilities (Computer programs) Utopian fictionUse: Utilities (Computer software) UtopiasFictionUtilities (Computer software) Use: Utopian fictionDewey: 005.4 UzbekistanScope Note: Use for materials on software used Dewey: 958.7to perform standard computersystem operations such as sortingdata, searching for viruses, copyingdata from one file to another, etc.1004'