b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsVampires in motion pictures Vancouver (B.C.)Description and travelViewsUse: Vampire films Use: Vancouver (B.C.)PictorialVan pools worksUse: Car pools Vancouver (B.C.)DirectoriesVancouver (B.C.) Dewey: 917.11Scope Note: Use for lists of names and addresses.Dewey: 917.11; 971.1 Lists of names without addresses areScope Note: The subdivisions under this heading entered under Vancouver (B.C.) may be used under the name of any Registers.Canadian city. The subdivisions Related Term(s): Vancouver (B.C.)Registersunder Canada may also be used,when appropriate, under the name of Vancouver (B.C.)DirectoriesTelephoneany Canadian city. Use: Vancouver (B.C.)TelephoneVancouver (B.C.)Antiquities directoriesDewey: 971.1 Vancouver (B.C.)Economic conditionsVancouver (B.C.)Bibliography Dewey: 330.9711Dewey: 015.711; 016.9711 Vancouver (B.C.)Economic conditions Vancouver (B.C.)Bio-bibliography HistoryDewey: 012; 920.0711 Dewey: 330.9711Vancouver (B.C.)Biography Vancouver (B.C.)EmployeesDewey: 920.0711 Use: Vancouver (B.C.)Officials andemployeesVancouver (B.C.)BiographyPortraits Vancouver (B.C.)GovernmentDewey: 920.0711 Use: Vancouver (B.C.)Politics andVancouver (B.C.)Boundaries governmentDewey: 971.1 Vancouver (B.C.)Government employeesVancouver (B.C.)Bridges Use: Vancouver (B.C.)Officials andUse: BridgesVancouver (B.C.) employeesVancouver (B.C.)Census Vancouver (B.C.)Government publicationsDewey: 317.11 Use: Government publications Vancouver (B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Centennial celebrations, etc.Dewey: 971.1 Vancouver (B.C.)GuidebooksDewey: 917.11Vancouver (B.C.)City planning Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)DescriptionUse: City planningVancouver and travelGuidebooks(B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Historic buildingsVancouver (B.C.)Civil defense Use: Historic buildingsVancouverUse: Civil defenseVancouver (B.C.) (B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Climate Vancouver (B.C.)HistoryDewey: 551.69711 Dewey: 971.1Vancouver (B.C.)Commerce Vancouver (B.C.)HistorySocietiesDewey: 381 Dewey: 971.1006Vancouver (B.C.)Description and travel Vancouver (B.C.)IndustriesDewey: 917.11 Use: IndustriesVancouver (B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Description and travelVancouver (B.C.)Intellectual lifeGuidebooks Dewey: 971.1Use: Vancouver (B.C.)Guidebooks1006'