b'VansVancouver (B.C.)Manufactures Vancouver (B.C.)Social life and customs Use: ManufacturesVancouver History(B.C.) Dewey: 971.1Vancouver (B.C.)Maps Vancouver (B.C.)Social policyDewey: 912.711 Use: Social policyVancouver (B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Moral conditions Vancouver (B.C.)StatisticsDewey: 971.1 Dewey: 317.11Vancouver (B.C.)Occupations Vancouver (B.C.)StreetsUse: OccupationsVancouver (B.C.) Use: StreetsVancouver (B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Officials and employees Vancouver (B.C.)Suburbs and environsDewey: 352.1711 Use: Vancouver Suburban Area (B.C.)Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Employees;Vancouver (B.C.)Government Vancouver (B.C.)Telephone directoriesemployees Dewey: 917.11Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Directories Vancouver (B.C.)Pictorial works TelephoneDewey: 917.11Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Description Vancouver (B.C.)Urban renewaland travelViews Use: Urban renewalVancouver(B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Politics and governmentDewey: 971.1 Vancouver (B.C.). Worlds Fair, 1986Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Government Use: Expo 86 (Vancouver, B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Popular culture Vancouver Island (B.C.)Use: Popular cultureVancouver Dewey: 971.1(B.C.) Broader Term(s): IslandsCanadaVancouver (B.C.)Population Vancouver Metropolitan Area (B.C.)Dewey: 304.609711 Dewey: 971.1Related Term(s): Vancouver Suburban Area (B.C.)Vancouver (B.C.)Public buildingsUse: Public buildings - Vancouver Vancouver Metropolitan Area (B.C.)Politics and(B.C.) governmentDewey: 971.1Vancouver (B.C.)Public worksUse: Public worksVancouver (B.C.) Vancouver Suburban Area (B.C.)Dewey: 971.1Vancouver (B.C.)Race relations Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Suburbs andDewey: 305.800971 environsVancouver (B.C.)Registers Related Term(s): Vancouver Metropolitan AreaDewey: 917.11 (B.C.)Scope Note: Use for lists of names without Vandalismaddresses. Lists of names that Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyinclude addresses are entered under Dewey: 364.16Vancouver (B.C.)Directories. Use For: Destruction of propertyRelated Term(s): Vancouver (B.C.)Directories Broader Term(s): Offenses against propertyVancouver (B.C.)Social conditions Narrower Term(s):GraffitiDewey: 971.1 Vanishing speciesVancouver (B.C.)Social conditionsHistory Use: Endangered speciesDewey: 971.1 VanityVancouver (B.C.)Social life and customs Use: Pride and vanityDewey: 971.1 VansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically1007'