b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsDewey: 728.7 VassalsBroader Term(s): Travel trailers and campers Use: FeudalismVariation (Biology) Vatican CityDewey: 576.5 Dewey: 945.6Use For: Mutation (Biology) Scope Note: Use for geographical and descriptiveBroader Term(s): Biology materials on the independent papalGenetics state in Rome. Materials on theHeredity central administration of the RomanNarrower Term(s):Adaptation (Biology) Catholic Church are entered underChromosome abnormalities Catholic Church.Mendels law Vatican CityForeign relationsNatural selection Use: Catholic ChurchForeignRelated Term(s): Evolution relationsVariations (Music) Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-1965)Dewey: 781.8 Dewey: 262Scope Note: Use for individual works, Broader Term(s): Councils and synodscollections, or materials about themusical form that includes a series Vaudevilleof modifications on the primary Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallytheme of the work. Dewey: 792.7Use For: Musical variations; Theme with Broader Term(s): Amusementsvariations (Music) TheaterBroader Term(s): Music Vaults (Sepulchral)Variety shows (Radio programs) Use: TombsDewey: 791.44 VCRsScope Note: Use for individual works, Use: Video recordingcollections, or materials aboutvariety shows on the radio. VDBroader Term(s): Radio programs Use: Sexually transmitted diseasesVariety shows (Television programs) VedantaDewey: 791.45 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for individual works, Dewey: 294.5collections, or materials about Broader Term(s): Hinduismvariety shows on television. TheosophyBroader Term(s): Television programsVedasVarnish and varnishing Dewey: 294.5Dewey: 667; 698 Broader Term(s): HinduismBroader Term(s): Finishes and finishing Sacred booksVarsity sports VeganismUse: College sports Dewey: 613.2Vascular system Broader Term(s): VegetarianismUse: Cardiovascular system Vegetable gardeningVasectomy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 613.9 Dewey: 635Broader Term(s): Sterilization (Birth control) Use For: Kitchen gardensBroader Term(s): GardeningVases HorticultureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Truck farmingDewey: 731; 738 VegetablesRelated Term(s): Glassware Vegetable kingdomPottery Use: Botany1008'