b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Caregivers Scope Note: Use for materials about non-fictionFoster grandparents travel writing, for collections ofRelated Term(s): Charities travel writings, and for accounts ofNational service voyages and travels not limited to aVolunteering single place. Materials about thetheme of travel in literature areUse: Volunteer work entered under Travel inliterature.Volunteerism Materials on the art and enjoymentUse: Volunteer work of travel and advice for travelers areentered under Travel.Volunteers Use For: Journeys; Travel books; TravelsUse: Volunteer work See Also: names of cities (except extinctVolunteers in church work cities), states, countries, continents,etc., with the subdivisionUse: Lay ministry Description and travel; e.g. UnitedVoodoo StatesDescription and travel;Use: Voodooism names of extinct cities or towns,without further subdivision, forVoodooism accounts of those places by travelersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically in ancient times, e.g. DelphiDewey: 299.6 (Extinct city); names of individualUse For: Vodun; Voodoo; Voudou; ships; names of regions, e.g. ArcticVoudouism regions; ethnic groups, classes ofBroader Term(s): Religions persons, and names of individualsVoter fraud with the subdivision Travel, e.g.Use: ElectionsCorrupt practices People with disabilitiesTravel;names of countries sponsoringVoter registration exploring expeditions with theGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically subdivision Exploring expeditions;Dewey: 324.6 e.g. United StatesExploringUse For: Registration of voters expeditions; and names of placesBroader Term(s): Elections that were unsettled or sparselySuffrage settled and largely unknown to theworld at large at the time ofVoting exploration, with the subdivisionUse: Elections Exploration, e.g. America Suffrage Exploration [to be added asVoting precincts needed]Use: Election districts Broader Term(s): GeographyNarrower Term(s):Adventure travelVouchers, Educational AeronauticsFlightsUse: Educational vouchers Air travelAutomobile travelVoudou Northeast PassageUse: Voodooism Ocean travelVoudouism Overland journeys to the PacificUse: Voodooism Papal visitsPilgrims and pilgrimagesVoyager project Railroad travelUse: Project Voyager Scientific expeditionsSeafaring lifeVoyagers ShipwrecksUse: Explorers TravelersTravelers Voyages around the worldVoyages and travels WhalingDewey: 910.4 Yachts and yachtingRelated Term(s): Adventure and adventurers1018'