b'Waltzes (Music)Exploration WalkingExplorers Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTravel Dewey: 796.51Travel in literature Broader Term(s): AerobicsAthleticsVoyages and travels in literature Human locomotionUse: Travel in literature Related Term(s): HikingVoyages around the world Walking in spaceDewey: 910.4 Use: Extravehicular activity (SpaceUse For: Circumnavigation; Travel books flight)Broader Term(s): Travel Wall decorationVoyages and travels Use: Mural painting and decorationVoyages to the moon Wall paintingUse: Imaginary voyages Use: Mural painting and decorationSpace flight to the moonVoyageurs Wall Street (New York, N.Y.)Dewey: 910.92; 971.01 Dewey: 332.6Broader Term(s): Fur tradeCanada Scope Note: Use for materials on the activities ofRelated Term(s): Coureurs de bois Wall Street as a financial district.Historical and descriptive materialsVulcan (Hypothetical planet) on Wall Street as a street are enteredDewey: 523.4 under StreetsNew York (N.Y.).Broader Term(s): Planets Broader Term(s): Stock exchangesRelated Term(s): StreetsNew York (N.Y.)WallpaperW Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 676; 747Wage-price controls Broader Term(s): Interior designUse: Wage-price policy Related Term(s): PaperhangingWage-price policy WallsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 690; 721Dewey: 339.5 Broader Term(s): BuildingsUse For: Government policy; Price controls; Civil engineeringPrice-wage policy; Wage-price Walt Disney World (Fla.)controls Dewey: 791.06Broader Term(s): Inflation (Finance) Use For: Disney World (Fla.)Prices Broader Term(s): Amusement parksSalaries, wages, etc.Wages WaltzUse: Salaries, wages, etc. Dewey: 793.3Scope Note: Use for materials on the dance form.Wagons Materials on the musical form areUse: Carriages and carts entered under Waltzes (Music).Broader Term(s): DanceWaiters and waitressesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Waltzes (Music)Dewey: 642 Dewey: 781.5; 784.18Use For: Waitresses Scope Note: Use for individual works,Broader Term(s): Food service collections, or materials about themusical form written in 3/4 time,Waitresses usually to accompany the dance.Use: Waiters and waitresses Materials on the dance are enteredWakefulness under Waltz.Use: Insomnia Broader Term(s): Dance music1019'