b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for individual works, Warshipscollections, or materials about war Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallystories. Dewey: 359.8; 623.825Use For: Anti-war stories Use For: Battle ships; Battleships; War shipsSee Also: names of wars and battles with the See Also: names of countries with the subheadsubdivision Fiction, e.g. World Navy, e.g. United States. Navy; andWar, 1939-1945Fiction [to be names of individual warships [to beadded as needed] added as needed]Broader Term(s): Fiction Broader Term(s): Naval architectureHistorical fiction Naval art and scienceSea powerWar television programs ShipsDewey: 791.45 Narrower Term(s):Aircraft carriersScope Note: Use for individual works, Submarinescollections, or materials about war Related Term(s): Naviestelevision programs. WashingBroader Term(s): Television programs Use: LaundryWar use WaspsUse subjects with the subdivision War use, e.g. Dogs Dewey: 595.79 War use [to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): InsectsWar use of animals Waste (Economics)Use: AnimalsWar use Dewey: 339.4War use of dogs Broader Term(s): EconomicsUse: DogsWar use Waste as fuelWar veterans Use: Waste products as fuelUse: Veterans Waste disposalWar work Use: Refuse and refuse disposalUse names of wars with the subdivision War work, e.g. Waste productsWorld War, 1939-1945War work [to be added Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyas needed] Dewey: 628.4War, Articles of Use For: By-products; Junk; Trade wasteUse: Military law Broader Term(s): Industrial chemistryManufacturesWarfare, Submarine Narrower Term(s):Industrial wasteUse: Submarine warfare Related Term(s): RecyclingWargames Refuse and refuse disposalUse: War games Waste products as fuelWarm air heating Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Hot air heating Dewey: 333.793; 662Use For: Energy conversion from waste;Wars Organic waste as fuel; Waste as fuelUse: Military history Broader Term(s): SalvageNaval history Related Term(s): Biomass energyWar Waste reclamationWarsCanada Use: SalvageUse names of wars, rebellions, etc., e.g. World War, Wastes, Hazardous1914-1918Canada; etc. [to be added as needed] Use: Hazardous wastesWars of the Roses, 1455-1485 Wastes, MedicalUse: Great BritainHistoryUse: Medical wastes1455-1485, Wars of the Roses1022'