b'Water pollutionWatches Water conservationUse: Clocks and watches Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyWater Dewey: 333.91Use For: Conservation of waterGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): Conservation of natural resourcesDewey: 551.4; 553.7 Narrower Term(s):XeriscapingUse For: Hydrology Related Term(s): Water supplyBroader Term(s): Earth sciencesHydraulics Water cureNarrower Term(s):Drinking water Use: HydrotherapyFloods Water exercisesFrostGeysers Use: Aquatic exercisesGroundwater Water farmingHydrotherapy Use: HydroponicsIceLakes Water flowOcean Use: HydraulicsPondsPrecipitation (Meteorology) Water fluoridationRivers Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySea water Dewey: 628.1Seas Use For: Fluoridation of water; Water Steam FluoridationRelated Term(s): Hydraulic engineering Broader Term(s): Water supplyWater rights Water fowlWaterAnalysis Use: Water birdsDewey: 546; 628.1 Water gardensBroader Term(s): Analytical chemistry Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Water pollution Dewey: 635.9; 712WaterFluoridation Use For: Aquatic gardens; Garden ponds;Use: Water fluoridation Garden poolsBroader Term(s): GardensWaterOil pollution Landscape architectureUse: Oil pollution of waterWater plantsWaterPurification Use: Freshwater plantsUse: Water purification Marine plantsWater animals Water pollutionUse: Aquatic animals Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyWater ballet Dewey: 363.739; 628.1Use For: Detergent pollution of rivers, lakes,Use: Synchronized swimming etc.; Pollution of water; RiverWater birds pollutionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: types of pollution, e.g. Oil pollutionDewey: 598.176 of water [to be added as needed]Use For: Aquatic birds; Water fowl; Wild Broader Term(s): Environmental healthfowl PollutionSee Also: types of water birds [to be added as Public healthneeded] Narrower Term(s):Acid rainBroader Term(s): Birds Marine pollutionNarrower Term(s):Terns Oil pollution of waterRelated Term(s): Industrial wasteWater conduits Sewage disposalUse: Aqueducts WaterAnalysis1023'