b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMeteorology. Materials on climate See Also: types of woven articles, e.g. Rugsas it relates to humans and to plant and carpets [to be added as needed]and animal life, including the effects Broader Term(s): Handicraftof changes of climate, are entered Textile industryunder Climate. Narrower Term(s):Basket makingSee Also: names of countries, cities, etc., with Lace and lace makingthe subdivision Climate, e.g. United Related Term(s): FabricsStatesClimate [to be added as Loomsneeded] Web databasesNarrower Term(s):Humidity Dewey: 005.74; 025.04Precipitation (Meteorology) Broader Term(s): DatabasesStormsWeather control Web logsWeather forecasting Use: BlogsWindsRelated Term(s): Climate Web pagesMeteorology Use: WebsitesWeatherFolklore Web phonesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: SmartphonesDewey: 398.26 Web publishingUse For: Weather loreBroader Term(s): Folklore Use: Electronic publishingMeteorology Web researchWeather forecasting Use: Internet researchWeather control Web search enginesDewey: 551.68 Dewey: 025.04252Use For: Artificial weather control; Cloud Use For: Search engines; Web searching;seeding; Rain making; Weather World Wide Web searchingmodification Broader Term(s): Internet searchingBroader Term(s): Meteorology World Wide WebWeather Narrower Term(s):Google (Website)Weather forecasting Web searchingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Internet searchingDewey: 551.63 Web search enginesUse For: Precipitation forecastingBroader Term(s): Forecasting Web serversMeteorology Dewey: 004.67Weather Use For: World Wide Web serversNarrower Term(s):WeatherFolklore Broader Term(s): World Wide WebWeather lore Web sitesUse: WeatherFolklore Use: WebsitesWeather modification Web televisionUse: Weather control Use: Internet televisionWeather satellites Web-based instructionUse: Meteorological satellites Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 371.35Weather stations Use For: Education, Online; Internet-basedUse: Meteorological observatories education; Online educationWeaving Broader Term(s): Computer-assisted instructionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Distance educationDewey: 677; 746.1; 746.41 World Wide WebUse For: Hand weaving1026'