b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Electric measurements WerewolvesMeasuring instruments Dewey: 398.21Volume (Cubic content) Broader Term(s): FolkloreRelated Term(s): Measurement West (Canada)Metric system Dewey: 917.12; 971.2Weight Scope Note: Use for materials on the areaWelding extending west of the Great Lakes toDewey: 671.5 the Pacific Ocean.Use For: Oxyacetylene welding Use For: Canada, Western; Canadian West;Broader Term(s): Blacksmithing Western Canada; Western ProvincesForging (Canada)Ironwork Broader Term(s): CanadaManufacturing processes Narrower Term(s):Canadian NorthwestMetalwork Prairie ProvincesNarrower Term(s):Electric welding West (Canada)ExplorationRelated Term(s): Soldering Dewey: 971.2Welding, Electric Broader Term(s): Overland journeys to the PacificUse: Electric welding (Canada)Welfare agencies West (Canada)Separatist movementsUse: Charities Dewey: 320.9712; 971.2Use For: Canada, WesternHistory Welfare reform Autonomy and independenceUse: Public welfare movements; Separatist movement inWestern CanadaWelfare state Narrower Term(s):Western Canada Concept PartyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically of AlbertaDewey: 330.12; 361.6 Related Term(s): NationalismCanadaBroader Term(s): Economic policyPublic welfare West (U.S.)Social policy Dewey: 978State, The Scope Note: Use for the region west of theMississippi River.Welfare work Use For: Western StatesUse: Charities See Also: names of individual states in thisSocial work region [to be added as needed]Welfare work in industry Broader Term(s): United StatesUse: Industrial welfare Narrower Term(s):Pacific NorthwestPacific StatesWelfare, Public West (U.S.)ExplorationUse: Public welfare Dewey: 978Well boring Broader Term(s): United StatesExplorationUse: Drilling and boring (Earth and Related Term(s): Overland journeys to the Pacificrocks) West (U.S.)HistoryWell drilling, Oil Dewey: 978Use: Oil well drilling Use For: Westward movementBroader Term(s): United StatesHistoryWellsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically West AfricaDewey: 551.49; 628.1 Dewey: 966Broader Term(s): Hydraulic engineering Scope Note: Use for materials dealingRelated Term(s): Drilling and boring (Earth and collectively with the southern half ofrocks) the western bulge of the AfricanWater supply continent, bounded on the north bythe Sahara and on the south andwest by the Atlantic Ocean. The1028'