b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsConcerts Analytical chemistryCreative activities Dewey: 543Dance Use For: Analysis (Chemistry); ChemicalFireworks analysis; Chemistry, Analytic;Fortune telling Qualitative analysis; QuantitativeHobbies analysisJuggling See Also: types of substances with theLiterary recreations subdivision Analysis, e.g. Water Magic tricks Analysis [to be added as needed]Mathematical recreations Broader Term(s): ChemistryPuzzles Narrower Term(s):DistillationRiddles FoodAnalysisRoller coasters WaterAnalysisScientific recreations Analytical geometryShadow pictures Use: Analytic geometrySkitsString figures Anansi (Legendary character)Theater Dewey: 398.22Toys Broader Term(s): Legendary charactersTricks Anarchism and anarchistsVaudevilleVentriloquism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Entertaining Dewey: 320.5; 335Games Broader Term(s): FreedomIndoor games Political crimes and offensesPlay Political scienceRecreation Related Term(s): TerrorismSports AnatomyAnabolic steroids Dewey: 571.3; 611Use: Steroids See Also: names of organs and regions of thebody and subjects with theAnaesthetics subdivision Anatomy, e.g. Heart Use: Anesthetics Anatomy; BirdsAnatomy; etc.Analysis [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): BiologyUse types of chemicals and sub-stances with the Medicinesubdivision Analysis, e.g. WaterAnalysis; Milk Narrower Term(s):AnimalsAnatomy Analysis; etc., for materials on methods of Armanalyzing those items [to be added as needed] Artistic anatomyAnalysis (Chemistry) BirdsAnatomyUse: Analytical chemistry Cardiovascular systemComparative anatomyAnalysis (Mathematics) Digestive systemUse: Calculus FootFunctions GlandsMathematical analysis HeadHeartAnatomyAnalysis of food Human anatomyUse: FoodAnalysis Immune systemFood adulteration and inspection Musculoskeletal systemAnalytic geometry Nervous systemDewey: 516.3 PlantsAnatomyUse For: Analytical geometry; Geometry, Reproductive systemAnalytic Respiratory systemBroader Term(s): Geometry SkinStomachThroat42'