b'WomenClubsWicca Narrower Term(s):Abused womenWitches African American womenBlack womenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically BusinesswomenDewey: 133.4 DaughtersUse For: Covens Jewish womenBroader Term(s): Witchcraft Leadership in womenWitnesses LesbiansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Mexican American womenDewey: 345; 347 Minority womenUse For: Cross-examination MothersBroader Term(s): Litigation Muslim womenTrials Native American womenNunsWives Older womenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PolicewomenDewey: 306.872 Single womenUse For: Married women; Spouses SistersBroader Term(s): Family Violence against womenMarriage WidowsMarried people WivesWomen Women air pilotsNarrower Term(s):Military spouses Women artistsWomen astronautsWives of presidentsUnited States Women athletesUse: Presidents spousesUnited Women authorsStates Women clergyWives, Runaway Women college graduatesUse: Runaway adults Women in ChristianityWomen in IslamWok cooking Women in medicineDewey: 641.7 Women in the militaryBroader Term(s): Cooking Women in the motion pictureindustryWolf children Women judgesUse: Wild children Women physiciansWoman World War, 1939-1945WomenUse: Women Young womenRelated Term(s): FemininityWoman-man relationship WomenBiographyUse: Man-woman relationshipDewey: 920Women Broader Term(s): BiographyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically WomenBiographyDictionariesDewey: 305.4Use For: Woman Dewey: 920.72See Also: women of particular racial, religious WomenCanadaor ethnic groups, e.g. Mexican Dewey: 305.40971American women; Jewish women; Use For: Canadian womenwomen in various occupations andprofessions, e.g. Women artists; WomenCivil rightsPolicewomen; Women in the Use: Womens rightsmotion picture industry; etc.; and WomenClothingnames of wars and military services Use: Womens clothingwith the subdivision Women, e.g.World War, 1939-1945Women WomenClubs[to be added as needed] Use: WomenSocieties1035'