b'Wooden toy makingsocial equality of the sexes and Woodwomens perspectives on various Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallysubjects are entered under Dewey: 620.1; 674Feminism. Use For: Timber; WoodsUse For: Womens liberation movement See Also: types of wood, e.g. Oak [to beBroader Term(s): WomenSocial conditions added as needed]Womens rights Broader Term(s): Building materialsRelated Term(s): Feminism Forest productsFuelWomens organizations TreesUse: WomenSocieties Narrower Term(s):BambooLumber and lumberingWomens rights OakGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PlywoodDewey: 323.3; 342 WoodworkUse For: Emancipation of women; Rights of Related Term(s): Forests and forestrywomen; WomenCivil rights;WomenEmancipation; Women WoodPreservation Equal rights Dewey: 674Broader Term(s): Civil rights Use For: Preservation of woodSex discrimination Wood block printingNarrower Term(s):WomenSuffrage Use: Wood engravingWomens movement WoodcutsRelated Term(s): FeminismPro-choice movement Wood carvingPro-life movement Dewey: 731.4; 736Womens self-defense Use For: Carving, Wood; WhittlingUse: Self-defense for women Broader Term(s): Carving (Decorative arts)Decoration and ornamentWomens studies WoodworkDewey: 305.407 Wood engravingBroader Term(s): Education Dewey: 761Related Term(s): Gender studies Use For: Block printing; Wood block printingWomens suffrage Broader Term(s): EngravingUse: WomenSuffrage Wood finishingWomen, Black Dewey: 698Use: Black women Broader Term(s): Finishes and finishingNarrower Term(s):Furniture finishingWomen, Self-employedUse: Self-employed women Wood toy makingUse: Wooden toy makingWomen-men relationshipUse: Man-woman relationship Wood turningUse: TurningWomen-owned business enterprisesDewey: 338.7 Wood-burningBroader Term(s): Business enterprises Use: PyrographyRelated Term(s): Businesswomen WoodcutsWonder Woman (Fictional character) Dewey: 761Dewey: 741.5 Use For: Block printing; Wood block printingBroader Term(s): Fictional characters Broader Term(s): PrintsSuperheroes Wooden toy makingWonders Dewey: 745.592Use: Curiosities and wonders Use For: Wood toy makingBroader Term(s): Toy makingWoodwork1039'