b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsWoods Word problems (Mathematics)Use: Forests and forestry Dewey: 510Lumber and lumbering Broader Term(s): MathematicsWood Word processingWoodwind instruments Dewey: 005.52Dewey: 877.2 Broader Term(s): Office managementBroader Term(s): Wind instruments Office practiceWoodwork Related Term(s): Desktop publishingWord processing softwareGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 684 Word processing softwareBroader Term(s): ArchitectureDetails Dewey: 005.52Decorative arts Broader Term(s): Computer softwareWood Related Term(s): Word processingNarrower Term(s):Furniture making Word processor keyboardingPyrographyWood carving Use: Keyboarding (Electronics)Wooden toy making Word recognitionRelated Term(s): Cabinetwork Dewey: 372.46Carpentry Broader Term(s): ReadingTurning VocabularyWoodworking machinery Word skillsDewey: 621.9; 684 Dewey: 372.4; 418See Also: types of woodworking machines [to Scope Note: Use for educational materials onbe added as needed] consonants, blends, vowels, prefixesBroader Term(s): Machinery and suffixes, digraphs, syllables,Narrower Term(s):Lathes root words, rhyming, and alphabet,Wool etc.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Word building; WordsDewey: 677 Broader Term(s): ReadingBroader Term(s): Animal products Related Term(s): English languageSpellingFabrics Wordless storiesFibers Use: Stories without wordsWord (Computer software) WordsUse: Microsoft Word (Computer Use: Vocabularysoftware) Word skillsWord books Words, NewUse: Picture dictionaries Use: New wordsWord building WorkUse: Word skills Dewey: 158.7; 306.3Word games Scope Note: Use for materials on the physical orDewey: 793.734 mental exertion of individuals toSee Also: types of word games, e.g. produce or accomplish something.Crossword puzzles [to be added as Materials on the collective humanneeded] activities involved in the productionBroader Term(s): Games and distribution of goods andLiterary recreations services in an economy, as well asNarrower Term(s):Crossword puzzles materials on the group of workersPalindromes who render these services for wages,are entered under Labor.Word histories Narrower Term(s):Job satisfactionUse: Language and languagesPerformanceEtymology Quality of work life1040'