b'Ancient philosophyRelated Term(s): Physiology under the name of the place with theAnatomy of animals subdivision Historical geography.Materials on the geography ofUse: AnimalsAnatomy regions or countries of antiquity thatAnatomy of plants no longer exist as such in modernUse: PlantsAnatomy times are entered under the name ofthe place with the subdivisionAnatomy, Artistic Geography.Use: Artistic anatomy Use For: Classical geography; Geography,AncientAnatomy, Comparative See Also: names of modern countries with theUse: Comparative anatomy subdivision Historical geography,Ancestor worship e.g. GreeceHistoricalGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically geography; and names of places ofDewey: 202 antiquity with the subdivisionUse For: Worship of the dead Geography, e.g. Gaul Broader Term(s): Religion Geography [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Ancient historyAncestry Historical geographyUse: Genealogy Narrower Term(s):GaulGeographyHeredity GreeceHistorical geographyAncient architecture RomeGeographyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Ancient GreeceDewey: 722 Use: GreeceHistory0-323Use For: Architecture, AncientBroader Term(s): Archeology Ancient GreeceDescriptionArchitecture Use: GreeceDescription and travelNarrower Term(s):Byzantine architecture0-323Greek architecture Ancient historyPyramids Dewey: 930Roman architecture Scope Note: Use for materials on the history ofSeven Wonders of the World the ancient world up to the fall ofAncient art Rome not limited to a single countryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically or region.Dewey: 709.01 Use For: History, AncientUse For: Art, Ancient See Also: names of ancient peoples, e.g.Broader Term(s): Art Hittites; and names of countries ofNarrower Term(s):Byzantine art antiquity, with the subdivisionGreek art History [to be added as needed]Roman art Broader Term(s): World historySeven Wonders of the World Narrower Term(s):Ancient civilizationAncient geographyAncient civilization Classical dictionariesDewey: 930 HittitesUse For: Civilization, Ancient InscriptionsBroader Term(s): Ancient history NumismaticsCivilization PhoeniciansNarrower Term(s):Classical civilization Related Term(s): BibleAncient geography Ancient philosophyDewey: 913 Dewey: 180Scope Note: Use for materials on the geography Use For: Greek philosophy; Philosophy,of the ancient world in general. Ancient; Roman philosophyMaterials on the ancient geography Broader Term(s): Philosophyof one country or region still Narrower Term(s):Stoicsexisting in modern times are entered43'