b'WritingWorlds Fair (1992: Seville, Spain) injuries, e.g. HorsesWoundsUse: Expo 92 (Seville, Spain) and injuries; FootWounds andWorlds fairs injuries; etc. [to be added asUse: Exhibitions needed]Fairs Broader Term(s): AccidentsNarrower Term(s):DisabilitiesWorlds records FracturesUse: World records Overuse injuriesWorms WristWounds and injuriesDewey: 592 Wrapping of giftsBroader Term(s): Animals Use: Gift wrappingWorry WrathDewey: 152.4 Use: AngerBroader Term(s): EmotionsRelated Term(s): Anxiety WrecksUse: AccidentsWorshipDewey: 204; 248.3; 264 WrestlingUse For: Devotion Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Religion Dewey: 796.812Theology Broader Term(s): AthleticsNarrower Term(s):Church year WristDevotional exercises Dewey: 573.7Interfaith worship Broader Term(s): ArmPraise of God JointsPrayerPublic worship WristWounds and injuriesSacrifice Dewey: 573.7Worship of the dead Broader Term(s): Wounds and injuriesUse: Ancestor worship Narrower Term(s):Carpal tunnel syndromeWorship programs WritersDewey: 264 Use: AuthorsScope Note: Use for individual works or Writingcollections of services of any type Dewey: 411for use in public worship other than Scope Note: Use for materials on the process orauthorized standard liturgies. result of recording language in theUse For: Services of worship; Worship form of conventionalized visibleservices marks or signs on a surface.Broader Term(s): Public worship Materials limited to writing with aRelated Term(s): Liturgies pen or pencil and practical orWorship services prescriptive guides to penmanshipUse: Worship programs or the art of writing are enteredunder Handwriting. Materials onWorth handwriting as an expression of theUse: Values writers character are entered underGraphology. Materials on theWounded, First aid to alphabet or writing of a particularUse: First aid language are entered under the nameWounds and injuries of the language with theDewey: 617.1 subdivisions Alphabet and Writing.Use For: Injuries Broader Term(s): CommunicationSee Also: classes of persons, animals, organs Language and languagesof the body, and plants and crops Language artswith the subdivision Wounds and Narrower Term(s):AbbreviationsAlphabet1051'