b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAndrogyny Anglo-Saxon languageDewey: 155.3; 305.3 Use: English languageOld EnglishBroader Term(s): Gender role periodSex differences (Psychology) Anglo-Saxon literatureAndroids Use: English literatureOld EnglishDewey: 629.8 periodUse For: Humanoid robots Anglo-SaxonsBroader Term(s): RobotsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAnecdotes Dewey: 305.82; 941.01Dewey: 808.88 Broader Term(s): Great BritainHistory Scope Note: Use for collections of anecdotes and 0-1066for materials about anecdotes. Teutonic peoplesUse For: Facetiae; Stories Anglophone CanadiansSee Also: subjects with the subdivisionAnecdotes [to be added as needed] Use: English-speaking CanadiansNarrower Term(s):MusicAnecdotes Anik (Communications satellite)Related Term(s): Wit and humor Dewey: 384.5; 621.382Anesthetics Broader Term(s): Canadian artificial satellitesDewey: 615; 617.9 Animal abuseUse For: Anaesthetics Use: Animal welfareBroader Term(s): Materia medicaRelated Term(s): Pain Animal attacksSurgery Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAngels Dewey: 591.6Use For: Attacks by animalsDewey: 235 Related Term(s): Dangerous animalsBroader Term(s): HeavenSpirits Animal babiesAnger Dewey: 591.3Scope Note: Use for materials on baby animals ofDewey: 152.4 several species. Baby animals of aUse For: Rage; Wrath particular species are entered underBroader Term(s): Emotions the name of the species.Angina pectoris Use For: AnimalsInfancy; Baby animalsDewey: 616.1 Broader Term(s): AnimalsBroader Term(s): Heart diseases Animal behaviorAnglican Church Dewey: 591.5Use: Church of England Use For: AnimalsBehavior; Behavior;Habits of animalsAnglican Church of Canada See Also: types of specific behavior, e.g.Dewey: 283 AnimalsMigration;Use For: Church of EnglandCanada Hibernation; Sexual behavior inAngling animals; etc.; and types of animalsUse: Fishing with the subdivision Behavior, e.g.BirdsBehavior [to be added asAnglo Canadians needed]Use: English-speaking Canadians Broader Term(s): AnimalsZoologyAnglo-American law Narrower Term(s):Animal communicationUse: Common law Animal courtshipAnglo-French intervention in Egypt, 1956 Animal defensesUse: Sinai Campaign, 1956 Animal soundsAnimalsFoodAnimalsMigrationBirdsBehavior44'