b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAutographs Use For: Radiography; Roentgen rays; X raysBraille Broader Term(s): Electromagnetic wavesCalligraphy RadiationCryptography Narrower Term(s):Gamma raysCuneiform inscriptions TomographyGraphology Related Term(s): RadiotherapyHandwriting Vacuum tubesHieroglyphics XenophobiaPicture writingShorthand Dewey: 305.8Typewriting Use For: Fear of foreigners; ZenophobiaWriting of numerals Broader Term(s): PhobiasRelated Term(s): Ciphers Related Term(s): StrangersWriting (Authorship) XeriscapingUse: Authorship Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCreative writing Dewey: 635.9Use For: Waterwise gardeningWritingPatterning Broader Term(s): Landscape gardeningUse: Language artsPatterning Water conservationWritingStudy and teaching Xerographic artUse: Handwriting Use: Copy artWriting of numerals XerographyDewey: 513 Use: PhotocopyingUse For: Numeral formation; Numeralwriting; Numerals, Writing ofBroader Term(s): HandwritingNumerals YWritingYA literatureWritings of gay men Use: Young adult literatureUse: Gay mens writingsYacht basinsWritings of lesbians Use: MarinasUse: Lesbians writingsYachtingWritings of teenagers Use: Yachts and yachtingUse: Teenagers writingsYachts and yachtingWrongful conviction Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Actual innocence Dewey: 797.1Wrought iron work Use For: YachtingUse: Ironwork Broader Term(s): BoatbuildingBoats and boatingOcean travelShipsX Voyages and travelsWater sportsX rays Narrower Term(s):MarinasUse: X-rays Related Term(s): SailingX-15 (Rocket aircraft) YaoiGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Shonen-aiDewey: 629.133 Yard salesBroader Term(s): Rocket planes Use: Garage salesX-rays Yards (Landscape architecture)Dewey: 539.7 Use: Front yards and backyards1052'