b'SEARShtt p://searslistofsubjectheadings.com LISTOF SEARS LISTSUBJECTSEARS LIST OF SUBJECT HEADINGS HEADINGSTwenty-second Edition 22nd Edition OF SUBJECT HEADINGSSince therst edition in 1923, the Sears List has served as a standard authority list for subject cataloging in small and22nd Editionmedium-sized libraries. It contains more than 8,000 established subject terms and copious provisions for establishing further terms as needed, together with scope notes, suggested cross-references, and suggestions for classi cation. It also contains more than 500 authorized subdivisions with instructions for their application. The Principles of the Sears List, which precedes the List itself, is a concise tutorial in subject cataloging.PUBLISHED & DISTRIBUTED BYGREYHOUSEPUBLISHING4919 Route 22, PO Box 56Amenia NY 12501Phone: 518-789-8700800-562-2139Fax: 845-373-6360www.greyhouse.combooks@greyhouse.comwww.hwwilsoninprint.comcsr@hwwilsoninprint.comH. W. WILSON'