b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):DogsPsychology Animal photographyPsychology of learning Use: Photography of animalsRelated Term(s): Animal behavior Animal physiologyComparative psychology Use: ZoologyInstinctAnimal picturesAnimal kingdom Use: AnimalsPictorial worksUse: ZoologyAnimal poundsAnimal language Use: Animal sheltersUse: Animal communicationAnimal sounds Animal productsDewey: 338.1; 338.4Animal light Use For: Products, AnimalUse: Bioluminescence See Also: types of animal products [to beAnimal locomotion added as needed]Dewey: 573.7 Broader Term(s): Commercial productsUse For: AnimalsMovements; Narrower Term(s):Dairy productsMovements of animals Hides and skinsBroader Term(s): Animals IvoryLocomotion LeatherNarrower Term(s):Animal flight WoolAnimal lore Animal psychologyUse: AnimalsFolklore Use: Animal intelligenceAnimals in literature Comparative psychologyMythical animals Animal reproductionNatural history Dewey: 571.8Animal luminescence Use For: AnimalsBirth; Animals Use: Bioluminescence ReproductionBroader Term(s): AnimalsAnimal magnetism ReproductionUse: Hypnotism Animal rescueAnimal migration Dewey: 636.08Use: AnimalsMigration Broader Term(s): Animal welfareRelated Term(s): Animal sheltersAnimal oilsUse: Oils and fats Animal rightsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAnimal painting and illustration Dewey: 179Dewey: 704.9; 743.6; 758 Scope Note: Use for materials on the inherentScope Note: Use for materials on the art of rights attributed to animals.painting or drawing animals. Materials on the protection andMaterials on the depiction of treatment of animals are enteredanimals in works of art are entered under Animal welfare. Materials onunder Animals in art. Popular the political movement to promotematerials consisting chiefly of the idea of animal rights are enteredphotographs or illustrations of under Animal rights movement.animals are entered under Animals Use For: Animals rights; Rights of animals Pictorial works. Related Term(s): Animal rights movementUse For: Animal drawing Animal welfareBroader Term(s): PaintingRelated Term(s): AnimalsPictorial works Animal rights movementAnimals in art Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPhotography of animals Dewey: 179Animal parasitesUse: Parasites46'