b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBirds AnimalsDiseasesCarnivorous animals Dewey: 571.9; 636.0891Dangerous animals Use For: Diseases of animals; DomesticDesert animals animalsDiseasesDomestic animals See Also: types of animals with theExtinct animals subdivision Diseases [to be added asForest animals needed]Furbearing animals Broader Term(s): DiseasesGame and game birds Narrower Term(s):HorsesDiseasesHerbivores Related Term(s): Veterinary medicineHuman-animal relationships AnimalsFictionInsects Dewey: 808.83Invertebrates Scope Note: Use for collections of stories aboutJungle animals animals. Materials about theMammals portrayal of animals in literature areMountain animals entered under Animals inPets literature.Poisonous animals Use For: Animal storiesPredatory animals See Also: types of animals with thePrehistoric animals subdivision Fiction, e.g. Dogs Rare animals Fiction [to be added as needed]Reptiles Related Term(s): Animals in literatureStream animals FablesSwamp animalsVertebrates AnimalsFilmographyWildlife Dewey: 016.591Wildlife attractingWorking animals AnimalsFlightWorms Use: Animal flightRelated Term(s): Zoology AnimalsFolkloreZoos Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAnimalsAnatomy Dewey: 398.24Dewey: 571.3; 611 Use For: Animal loreUse For: Anatomy of animals; Structural Broader Term(s): Folklorezoology; ZoologyAnatomy Narrower Term(s):DragonsBroader Term(s): Anatomy EthnozoologyZoology MonstersNarrower Term(s):Fur Related Term(s): Mythical animalsAnimalsBehavior AnimalsFoodUse: Animal behavior Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 591.5AnimalsBirth Scope Note: Use for materials on the food andUse: Animal reproduction food habits of animals. Materials onAnimalsCamouflage human food of animal origin areentered under Food of animalUse: Camouflage (Biology) origin.AnimalsCanada Use For: Animal food; Feeding behavior inDewey: 591.971 animalsUse For: ZoologyCanada See Also: types of animals and species ofanimals with the subdivision FoodAnimalsColor [to be added as needed]Dewey: 573.5; 591.47 Broader Term(s): Animal behaviorBroader Term(s): Color FoodAnimalsCourtship Narrower Term(s):FeedsUse: Animal courtship Food chains (Ecology)48'