b'AnimalsWar useAnimalsHabitations painting and illustration. MaterialsDewey: 591.56 on the depiction of animals inworksScope Note: Use for materials on the natural of art are entered under Animals inshelters and homes animals build for art.themselves, such as burrows, dens, Use For: Animal pictureslairs, etc. Materials on houses or Related Term(s): Animal painting and illustrationhabitations provided by humans for Animals in arteither wild or domestic animals are Photography of animalsentered under Animal housing.Use For: Animal habitations; Animal homes; AnimalsPoetryHabitations of wild animals; Wild Dewey: 808.81animal dwellings Scope Note: Use for collections of poetry aboutSee Also: types of animals and individual animals. Materials on the theme ofspecies of animals with the animals in literature are enteredsubdivision Habitations, or Nests, under Animals in literature.e.g. BeaversHabitations; Birds Related Term(s): Animals in literature Nests; etc. [to be added asneeded] AnimalsProtectionNarrower Term(s):Nest building Use: Animal welfareRelated Term(s): Animal housing AnimalsReproductionAnimalsHearing Use: Animal reproductionUse: Hearing in animals AnimalsSenses and sensationAnimalsHibernation Use: Senses and sensation in animalsUse: Hibernation AnimalsSexual behaviorAnimalsHousing Use: Sexual behavior in animalsUse: Animal housing AnimalsSoundsAnimalsInfancy Use: Animal soundsUse: Animal babies AnimalsTemperatureAnimalsLanguage Use: Body temperatureUse: Animal communication AnimalsTrainingAnimalsMigration Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 636.088Dewey: 591.56 Use For: Animal training; Training of animalsUse For: Animal migration; Migration See Also: types of animals with theSee Also: types of animals with the subdivision Training, e.g. Horsessubdivision Migration, e.g. Birds Training [to be added as needed]Migration [to be added as needed] Narrower Term(s):Animals and people withBroader Term(s): Animal behavior disabilitiesDogsTrainingAnimalsMistreatmentUse: Animal welfare AnimalsTreatmentUse: Animal welfareAnimalsMovementsUse: Animal locomotion AnimalsUnited StatesDewey: 591.973AnimalsPhotography Use For: ZoologyUnited StatesUse: Photography of animalsAnimalsVisionAnimalsPictorial works Use: Vision in animalsDewey: 590.22Scope Note: Use for popular materials consisting AnimalsWar usechiefly of photographs or Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyillustrations of animals. Materials on Dewey: 355.4the art of painting or drawing Use For: War use of animalsanimals are entered under Animal Broader Term(s): Working animals49'