b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAntenuptial contracts Broader Term(s): AnthropologyUse: Marriage contracts EthnologyAnthologies Human beingsDewey: 080; 808.8 Narrower Term(s):FingerprintsScope Note: Use for collections of general Anti-abortion movementinterest by several authors not Use: Pro-life movementlimited to works of literature orfocused on a single subject. Anti-AmericanismUse For: Collected papers (Anthologies); Use: United StatesForeign opinionCollected works; Collections(Anthologies); Collections of Anti-apartheid movementliterature; Literary collections; Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyReadings (Anthologies) Dewey: 172; 320.5; 323.1See Also: form headings for minor literary Broader Term(s): Civil rightsforms that represent collections of Social movementsworks of several authors, e.g. South AfricaRace relationsEssays; American essays; Related Term(s): ApartheidParodies; Short stories; etc.; major Anti-fascist movementsliterary forms and national Use: World War, 1939-1945 literatures with the subdivision Underground movementsCollections, e.g. Poetry Collections; English literatureAnti-Islam prejudiceCollections; etc.; and subjects with Use: Islamophobiathe subdivision Literary collections, Anti-Muslim prejudicefor collections focused on a singlesubject by two or more authors Use: Islamophobiainvolving two or more literary Anti-Nazi movementforms, e.g. CatsLiterary Use: World War, 1939-1945 collections [to be added as needed] Underground movementsBroader Term(s): BooksAnti-poverty programsAnthropogeography Use: Domestic economic assistanceUse: Human geographyAnti-poverty programsCanadaAnthropology Use: Domestic economic assistance Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically CanadaDewey: 301; 599.9Use For: Human race Anti-ReformationSee Also: names of races and peoples, e.g. Use: Counter-ReformationNavajo Indians [to be added as Anti-terrorismneeded] Use: TerrorismPreventionBroader Term(s): Social sciencesNarrower Term(s):Acculturation Anti-utopiasAnthropometry Use: DystopiasEthnopsychologyForensic anthropology Anti-war filmsHuman geography Use: War filmsLanguage and languages Anti-war poetryNational characteristics Use: War poetryPhysical anthropologySocial change Anti-war storiesRelated Term(s): Civilization Use: War storiesCultureEthnology Antiabortion movementHuman beings Use: Pro-life movementAnthropometry AntiamericanismDewey: 599.9 Use: United StatesForeign opinion52'