b'AntiquesAntiballistic missiles chants used in celebrating the cycleUse: Antimissile missiles of daily prayers.Antibiotic resistance in microorganisms Use For: AntiphonalsUse: Drug resistance in Broader Term(s): Liturgiesmicroorganisms Antipoverty programsAntibiotics Use: Domestic economic assistanceDewey: 615 Antiquarian booksSee Also: names of specific antibiotics [to be Use: Rare booksadded as needed]Broader Term(s): Drug therapy Antique and classic carsNarrower Term(s):Penicillin Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAntibusing Dewey: 629.222Use: Busing (School integration) Use For: Antique automobiles; Antique cars;Classic automobiles; Classic cars;Anticommunist movements Vintage automobiles; Vintage carsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): AutomobilesDewey: 322.4 Antique and vintage motorcyclesBroader Term(s): Communism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAnticorrosive paint Dewey: 629.227Use: Corrosion and anticorrosives Use For: Antique motorcycles; Classicmotorcycles; Vintage motorcyclesAntidepressants Broader Term(s): MotorcyclesDewey: 615Broader Term(s): Psychotropic drugs Antique automobilesUse: Antique and classic carsAntietam (Md.), Battle of, 1862Dewey: 973.7 Antique carsBroader Term(s): Battles Use: Antique and classic carsUnited StatesHistoryAntique motorcycles1861-1865, Civil WarUse: Antique and vintage motorcyclesCampaignsAntimissile missiles AntiquesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 358.1; 623.4 Dewey: 745.1Use For: ABMs; Antiballistic missiles Scope Note: Use for materials on old decorativeBroader Term(s): Guided missiles or utilitarian objects that haveaesthetic or historical importanceAntinuclear movement and financial value. Materials onGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically any objects of interest to collectors,Dewey: 303.48; 327.1; 363.17 including mass produced items ofUse For: Nuclear freeze movement little intrinsic value, are enteredBroader Term(s): Arms control under Collectibles.Nuclear weapons See Also: subjects and names with theSocial movements subdivision Collectibles, e.g.Related Term(s): Nuclear power plantsAmerican RevolutionEnvironmental aspects Bicentennial, 1776-1976 Collectibles; and types of objectsAntiphonals collected, excluding antiquities andUse: Antiphonaries natural objects, with the subdivisionAntiphonaries Collectors and collecting, e.g.Dewey: 782.32 BoxesCollectors and collectingScope Note: Use for individual works, [to be added as needed]collections, or materials about the Broader Term(s): Antiquitiesliturgical books that contain the Collectors and collectingDecoration and ornamentDecorative arts53'