b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Art objects Classical antiquitiesVictoriana EgyptAntiquitiesAntiquesCanada Human remains (Archeology)ItalyAntiquitiesDewey: 745.10971 JewsAntiquitiesScope Note: Use for materials on old Canadian Megalithic monumentsobjects that have aesthetic as well as Native AmericansAntiquitiesfinancial value, usually furniture or OhioAntiquitiesdecorative arts. Materials on Prehistoric peoplesCanadian objects of interest to TurkeyAntiquitiescollectors for their historical value, United StatesAntiquitiessuch as historical documents, relics, Related Term(s): Archeologyetc., including items of little intrinsicvalue, are entered under AntiquitiesCollection and preservationCanadiana. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Canadian antiques Dewey: 069Related Term(s): Canadiana Use For: Preservation of antiquitiesBroader Term(s): Collectors and collectingAntiquesPrice guidesDewey: 745.075 Antiquity of manUse: Human originsAntiquesUnited StatesDewey: 745.10973 AntisemitismScope Note: Use for materials about old Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAmerican objects that have aesthetic Dewey: 305.892as well as financial value, usually Broader Term(s): Prejudicesfurniture or decorative arts. Narrower Term(s):Holocaust, 1939-1945Materials about American objects of JewsPersecutionsinterest to collectors for their Antisepticshistorical value, such as documents,relics, etc., including items of little Dewey: 614.4; 617.9intrinsic value, are entered under Broader Term(s): TherapeuticsAmericana. Related Term(s): Disinfection and disinfectantsRelated Term(s): Americana SurgeryAntiquities AntislaveryDewey: 930.1 Use: AbolitionistsScope Note: Use for general materials on the Slaveryrelics or monuments of ancient SlavesEmancipationtimes. Materials on the relics or Antistalking lawsmonuments of an extinct city or Use: Stalkingtown are entered under the name ofthe city or town. Antitank warfareUse For: Archeological specimens; Ruins Use: Tank warfareSee Also: names of extinct cities, e.g. Delphi Antitrust law(Extinct city); and names of groups Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyof people extant in modern times Dewey: 343.07and names of cities (except extinct Use For: Industrial trustsLaw andcities), countries, regions, etc., with legislationthe subdivision Antiquities, e.g. Broader Term(s): Commercial lawNative AmericansAntiquities; Related Term(s): Industrial trustsUnited StatesAntiquities; etc.[to be added as needed] Antivivisection movementNarrower Term(s):AmericaAntiquities Use: Animal rights movementAntiquesBibleAntiquities Antiwar movementsChicago (Ill.)Antiquities Use: Peace movementsChristian antiquities54'