b'Sears List of Subject Headingsreligious orders, and sacred works Apparatus, Scientificwith the subdivision Controversial Use: Scientific apparatus andliterature, for materials that argue instrumentsagainst or express opposition to Apparitionsthose groups or works, e.g. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyChristianityControversial Dewey: 133.1literature for materials attacking Use For: Phantoms; SpectersChristianity [to be added as needed] Broader Term(s): ParapsychologyBroader Term(s): Theology SpiritsNarrower Term(s):ChristianityApologetic works Narrower Term(s):GhostsNatural theology Related Term(s): Hallucinations and illusionsApoplexy SpiritualismUse: Stroke VisionsApostles Appearance, PersonalDewey: 225.92 Use: Personal appearanceUse For: Disciples, Twelve ApperceptionBroader Term(s): Christian saints Dewey: 153.7Church history30-600, Early Broader Term(s): Educational psychologychurch PsychologyApostles Creed Narrower Term(s):AttentionDewey: 238 ConsciousnessBroader Term(s): Creeds Number conceptRelated Term(s): PerceptionApostolic Church Theory of knowledgeUse: Church history30-600, Early Appetizerschurch Dewey: 641.812Appalachia Use For: Canapés; Hors doeuvresUse: Appalachian Region Broader Term(s): CookingAppalachian Mountain Region AppleUse: Appalachian Region Use: ApplesAppalachian Mountains Region Apple Macintosh (Computer)Use: Appalachian Region Use: Macintosh (Computer)Appalachian Region ApplesDewey: 974 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Appalachia; Appalachian Mountain Dewey: 641.3Region; Appalachian Mountains Use For: AppleRegion Broader Term(s): FruitBroader Term(s): United States Appliances, ElectricAppalachian Trail Use: Electric apparatus and appliancesDewey: 973 Electric household appliancesBroader Term(s): Trails Appliances, ElectronicApparatus, Chemical Use: Electronic apparatus andUse: Chemical apparatus appliancesApparatus, Electric Applications for collegeUse: Electric apparatus and appliances Use: College applicationsApparatus, Electronic Applications for positionsUse: Electronic apparatus and Dewey: 331.12; 650.14appliances Use For: Employment applications;Employment references; Jobapplications; Letters of56'