b'Approximate computationrecommendation; Recommendations Appointmentfor positions Use types of public officials and names of individualBroader Term(s): Job hunting public officials with the subdivision Appointment,Personnel management e.g. PresidentsUnited StatesAppointmentNarrower Term(s):Job interviews [to be added as needed]Résumés Appointments and retirements(Employment) Use names of armed forces with the subdivisionApplications software Appointments and retirements, e.g. United States.Use: Computer applications ArmyAppointments and retirements [to beadded as needed]Applied arts Appomattox Campaign, 1865Use: Decorative artsDewey: 973.7Applied mechanics Broader Term(s): United StatesHistory Dewey: 620.1 1861-1865, Civil War Scope Note: Use for materials on the application Campaignsof the principles of mechanics to Apportionment (Election law)engineering structures other thanmachinery. Materials on the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyapplication of the principles of Dewey: 324; 328.3; 342mechanics to the design, Use For: Legislative reapportionment;construction, and operation of Reapportionment (Election law)machinery are entered under Broader Term(s): Representative government andMechanical engineering. representationUse For: Mechanics, Applied AppraisalBroader Term(s): Mechanics Use: Tax assessmentApplied psychology ValuationDewey: 158 Appraisal of booksUse For: Practical psychology; Psychology, Use: Book reviewingApplied Books and readingSee Also: subjects with the subdivision CriticismPsychological aspects, e.g. Drugs LiteratureHistory and Psychological aspects [to be criticismadded as needed]Broader Term(s): Psychology Appreciation of artNarrower Term(s):Behavior modification Use: Art appreciationCounseling Appreciation of musicDrugsPsychological aspects Use: Music appreciationEmployee moraleErgonomics ApprenticesIndustrial psychology Dewey: 331.5Negotiation Broader Term(s): LaborOrganizational behavior Technical educationPastoral psychology Related Term(s): EmployeesTrainingPsychological warfareSelf-help techniques Apprenticeship novelsRelated Term(s): Educational psychology Use: BildungsromansInterviewing Appropriations and expendituresSocial psychology Use names of countries and names of individualApplied science government departments, agencies, etc., with theUse: Technology subdivision Appropriations and expenditures, e.g.United StatesAppropriations andAppliqué expenditures [to be added as needed]Dewey: 746.44Broader Term(s): Needlework Approximate computationDewey: 372.7; 51157'