b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: ArithmeticEstimation; Aquatic exercisesComputation, Approximate; Dewey: 613.7Estimation (Mathematics) Use For: Underwater exercises; WaterBroader Term(s): Numerical analysis exercisesBroader Term(s): ExerciseApps (Computer software) Aquatic faunaUse: Computer applications Use: Aquatic animalsApril First Aquatic gardensUse: April Fools Day Use: Water gardensApril Fools Day Aquatic plantsDewey: 394.262 Use: Freshwater plantsUse For: All Fools Day; April First Marine plantsBroader Term(s): HolidaysAptitude Aquatic sportsUse: Ability Use: Water sportsAptitude testing Aquatic sportsSafety measuresUse: AbilityTesting Use: Water safetyAquaculture AqueductsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 639.8 Dewey: 628.1Use For: Aquiculture; Freshwater Use For: Water conduitsaquaculture; Mariculture; Marine Broader Term(s): Civil engineeringaquaculture; Ocean farming; Sea Hydraulic structuresfarming Water supplyBroader Term(s): Agriculture AquicultureMarine resources Use: AquacultureNarrower Term(s):Fish cultureArab countriesAquarian Age movement Dewey: 956Use: New Age movement Scope Note: Use for materials on severalAquariums Arabic-speaking countries.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Materials on the region consisting ofDewey: 597.073; 639.34 northeastern Africa and Asia west ofSee Also: names of specific aquariums [to be Afghanistan are entered underadded as needed] Middle East.Broader Term(s): Freshwater biology Broader Term(s): Islamic countriesNatural history Middle EastNarrower Term(s):Marine aquariums Arab countriesForeign relationsIsraelRelated Term(s): Fish culture Dewey: 956Fishes Use For: Arab-Israel relations; Arab-IsraeliAquatic animals relations; Israel-Arab relations;Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Israeli-Arab relationsDewey: 591.76 Narrower Term(s):Israel-Arab conflictsUse For: Aquatic fauna; Water animals Related Term(s): IsraelForeign relations Broader Term(s): Animals Arab countriesNarrower Term(s):Fishes Jewish-Arab relationsFreshwater animals Arab countriesHistoryArab Spring, 2010-Marine animals Use: Arab Spring, 2010-ShellfishSponges Arab countriesPolitics and governmentDewey: 956Aquatic birds Broader Term(s): PoliticsUse: Water birds Narrower Term(s):Pan-Arabism58'