b'Arc weldingArab refugees Use For: Civilization, ArabGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): CivilizationDewey: 305.9Use For: Refugees, Arab Arabic languageBroader Term(s): Refugees Dewey: 492.7Arab science Broader Term(s): Language and languagesUse: ScienceIslamic countries Arabic literatureArab Spring, 2010- Dewey: 892.7Dewey: 320.9 Broader Term(s): LiteratureUse For: Arab countriesHistoryArab ArabsSpring, 2010- Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyArab-Israel conflicts Dewey: 305.892; 909Use: Israel-Arab conflicts See Also: names of specific Arab peoples [tobe added as needed]Arab-Israel relations Narrower Term(s):BedouinsUse: Arab countriesForeign Jewish-Arab relationsrelationsIsrael Palestinian ArabsIsraelForeign relationsArabsPalestineArab countries Use: Palestinian ArabsArab-Israel War, 1948-1949 ArachnidaUse: Israel-Arab War, 1948-1949 Use: ArachnidsArab-Israel War, 1956 ArachnidsUse: Sinai Campaign, 1956 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyArab-Israel War, 1967 Dewey: 595.4Use: Israel-Arab War, 1967 Use For: ArachnidaBroader Term(s): AnimalsArab-Israel War, 1973 Narrower Term(s):SpidersUse: Israel-Arab War, 1973 TicksArab-Israeli conflict, 1987-1992 Arbitration and awardUse: Intifada, 1987-1992 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyArab-Israeli conflict, 2000- Dewey: 347Use: Intifada, 2000- Scope Note: Use for materials on the settlementof civil disputes by arbitrationArab-Israeli conflicts instead of a court trial.Use: Israel-Arab conflicts Use For: Awards (Law); MediationBroader Term(s): Commercial lawArab-Israeli relations CourtsUse: Arab countriesForeign Related Term(s): LitigationrelationsIsraelIsraelForeign relationsArbitration, IndustrialArab countries Use: Industrial arbitrationArab-Jewish relations Arbitration, InternationalUse: Jewish-Arab relations Use: International arbitrationArabia ArboricultureUse: Arabian Peninsula Use: Forests and forestryFruit cultureArabian Peninsula TreesDewey: 953Use For: Arabia Arc lightBroader Term(s): Peninsulas Use: Electric lightingArabic civilization Arc weldingDewey: 909 Use: Electric welding59'