b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsMilitary assistance other subjects, e.g. Art andArmy mythology; subjects and themes inUse: Armies art, e.g. Animals in art; and art ofMilitary art and science particular countries, regions, orethnic groups, e.g. American art;Army bases Greek art; Native American art;Use: Military bases etc. [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): ArtsArmy desertion Narrower Term(s):Aboriginal Australian artUse: Military desertion Abstract artArmy life African American artUse: Soldiers African artAmerican artArmy posts Ancient artUse: Military bases ArchitectureArt and mythologyArmy schools Art and religionUse: Military education Art and societyArmy tests Art catalogsUse: United States. ArmyArt objectsExaminations Artistic anatomyArtistic photographyArmy vehicles Artists modelsUse: Military vehicles Arts and crafts movementAsian artAromatherapy Baroque artDewey: 615 Black artBroader Term(s): Therapeutics Botanical illustrationAromatic plant products BronzesUse: Essences and essential oils Buddhist artByzantine artAromatic plants Celtic artGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Childrens artDewey: 582; 635.9 Christian artBroader Term(s): Plants CollageRelated Term(s): Essences and essential oils Collectors and collectingFragrant gardens Commercial artComposition (Art)Arrow Computer artUse: Bow and arrow Copy artArson CubismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Decoration and ornamentDewey: 364.16 DrawingBroader Term(s): Offenses against property Earthworks (Art)EngravingArt Erotic artDewey: 700 EtchingScope Note: Use for materials on the visual arts Ethnic artonly (architecture, painting, etc.). Etruscan artMaterials on the arts in general, Expressionism (Art)including the visual arts, literature, Folk artand the performing arts, are entered Futurism (Art)under Arts. GemsSee Also: types of art, e.g. Commercial art; Gothic revival (Art)art of particular religions, e.g. Graphic artsChristian art; movements in art, Greek arte.g. Romanticism in art; art and66'