b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsArt therapy Art, PrehistoricDewey: 615.8; 616.89 Use: Prehistoric artUse For: ArtTherapeutic use Art, RenaissanceBroader Term(s): TherapeuticsUse: Art15th and 16th centuriesArt, AmericanUse: American art Art, RomanUse: Roman artArt, AncientUse: Ancient art Art, RomanesqueUse: Romanesque artArt, Asian ArthritisUse: Asian artDewey: 616.7Art, Baroque Broader Term(s): DiseasesUse: Baroque art Narrower Term(s):GoutArt, Black ArthritisPhysical therapyUse: Black art Dewey: 616.7Art, Buddhist Arthurian romancesUse: Buddhist art Dewey: 398.22; 808.8; 809Art, Byzantine Scope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials aboutUse: Byzantine art Arthurian romances.Art, Canadian Use For: Knights of the Round TableUse: Canadian art Broader Term(s): RomancesRelated Term(s): GrailLegendsArt, Gothic Arthurian romancesAdaptationsUse: Gothic artDewey: 398.22; 808.8; 809Art, Greek Articles of warUse: Greek artUse: Military lawArt, Hindu Articulation (Education)Use: Hindu artDewey: 371.2Art, Islamic Scope Note: Use for materials that discuss theUse: Islamic art integration of various elements ofthe school system, between levels,Art, Kinetic between schools, between subjects,Use: Kinetic art or between the schools programsArt, Medieval and outside activities, aimed atUse: Medieval art promoting a continuousadvancement by the student.Art, Modern17th-18th centuries Broader Term(s): EducationCurriculaUse: Art17th and 18th centuries SchoolsAdministrationArt, Modern19th century Artificial fliesUse: Art19th century Dewey: 688.7; 799.1Use For: Fishing flies; Flies, ArtificialArt, Modern20th century Broader Term(s): FishingEquipment andUse: Art20th century suppliesArt, Modern21st century Fly castingUse: Art21st century Artificial flowersArt, Municipal Dewey: 745.594Use: Municipal art Use For: Flowers, ArtificialBroader Term(s): Decoration and ornamentArt, OrientalUse: Asian art70'