b'Artificial selectionArtificial foods Use For: Pulmonary resuscitation;Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Respiration, Artificial;Dewey: 641.3; 664 Resuscitation, PulmonaryUse For: Synthetic foods Broader Term(s): First aidBroader Term(s): FoodSynthetic products Artificial satellitesArtificial fuels Dewey: 629.43; 629.46Use: Synthetic fuels Use For: Orbiting vehicles; Satellites,ArtificialArtificial heart See Also: satellites of particular countries, e.g.Dewey: 617.4 American artificial satellites; typesBroader Term(s): Artificial organs of satellites; and names of specificHeart satellites [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): AstronauticsArtificial insemination Narrower Term(s):American artificial satellitesDewey: 636.08 Explorer (Artificial satellite)Scope Note: Use for general materials on Meteorological satellitesartificial insemination and materials Space stationsspecifically on the artificial Sputnik 1 (Artificial satellite)insemination of livestock and other Related Term(s): Space vehiclesanimals. Materials limited toartificial insemination in humans are Artificial satellitesControl systemsentered under Human artificial Dewey: 624.46insemination. Artificial satellitesLaunchingBroader Term(s): Reproduction Dewey: 629.43Narrower Term(s):Human artificial insemination Use For: Launching of satellitesArtificial insemination, Human Broader Term(s): Rockets (Aeronautics)Use: Human artificial insemination Artificial satellitesLaw and legislationArtificial intelligence Use: Space lawDewey: 006.3 Artificial satellitesOrbitsUse For: AI (Artificial intelligence); Machine Dewey: 629.4intelligence Broader Term(s): AstrodynamicsBroader Term(s): Computer scienceNarrower Term(s):Expert systems (Computer Artificial satellitesTrackingscience) Dewey: 639.43Artificial limbs Use For: Tracking of satellitesDewey: 617.5 Artificial satellites in telecommunicationUse For: Limbs, Artificial; Prosthesis Dewey: 384.5; 621.382Broader Term(s): Orthopedics Use For: Communication satellites;Artificial organs Communications relay satellites;Dewey: 617.9 Global satellite communicationsUse For: Organs, Artificial; Prosthesis systems; Satellite communicationSee Also: names of artificial organs, e.g. systemsArtificial heart [to be added as See Also: names of specific satellites orneeded] projects [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Surgery Broader Term(s): TelecommunicationNarrower Term(s):Artificial heart Narrower Term(s):Telstar projectArtificial reality Artificial satellites, AmericanUse: Virtual reality Use: American artificial satellitesArtificial respiration Artificial satellites, CanadianUse: Canadian artificial satellitesDewey: 617.1Artificial selectionUse: Breeding71'