b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsArtificial sweeteners ArtistsUnited StatesUse: Sugar substitutes Dewey: 709.2; 920Artificial weather control Use For: American artists; Artists, AmericanUse: Weather control Artists materialsArtillery Dewey: 741.2; 751.2Use For: Drawing materials; PaintersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically materialsDewey: 355.8; 623.4 See Also: types of artists materials [to beBroader Term(s): Military art and science added as needed]Related Term(s): Ordnance Broader Term(s): MaterialsArtistic anatomy Artists modelsDewey: 704.9; 743.4 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Anatomy, Artistic; Human anatomy Dewey: 702.8in art; Human figure in art Use For: Models; Models (Persons); Models,Broader Term(s): Anatomy ArtistsArt Broader Term(s): ArtDrawingNude in art Artists notebooksNarrower Term(s):Figure drawing Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFigure painting Dewey: 702.81Artistic photography Use For: Notebooks, Artists; Sketchbooks,ArtistsDewey: 770; 779 Broader Term(s): NotebooksUse For: PhotographyAesthetics; Related Term(s): ArtistsPhotography, ArtisticBroader Term(s): Art Artists, AmericanPhotography Use: ArtistsUnited StatesArtists Artists, BlackGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Black artistsDewey: 709.2; 920 ArtsSee Also: types of artists and names ofindividual artists [to be added as Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyneeded] Dewey: 700Narrower Term(s):African American artists Scope Note: Use for materials on the arts inArchitects general, including the visual arts,Black artists literature, and the performing arts.Child artists Materials on the visual arts onlyDesigners (architecture, painting, etc.) areEngravers entered under Art.Etchers Broader Term(s): HumanitiesIllustrators Narrower Term(s):AllegoryInuit artists ArtLithographers Decorative artsPainters HandicraftPhotographers Performing artsPotters SurrealismSculptors Visual literacyWomen artists Related Term(s): AestheticsRelated Term(s): Art ArtistsArtists notebooks ArtsCanadaArts Dewey: 700.971ArtistsCanada Scope Note: Use for materials on the arts inDewey: 709.2; 920 general including the visual arts,Use For: Artists, Canadian; Canadian artists literature, and the performing arts.Related Term(s): Canadian art Materials on the visual arts inCanada or art produced by72'