b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAsian Americans Assessment of riskDewey: 305.895 Use: Risk assessmentBroader Term(s): Ethnic groups Assessment, TaxAsian architecture Use: Tax assessmentDewey: 720.95 Assistance in emergenciesUse For: Oriental architectureBroader Term(s): Architecture Use: Helping behaviorAsian art Assistance to developing areasDewey: 709.5 Use: Foreign aidUse For: Art, Asian; Art, Oriental; Oriental Technical assistanceart Assisted independent residential livingBroader Term(s): Art Use: Assisted livingAsian civilization Assisted livingUse: AsiaCivilization Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAspergers syndrome Dewey: 362.61Dewey: 616.85; 618.92 Use For: Assisted independent residentialBroader Term(s): Autism living; Congregate housingBroader Term(s): HousingAsphyxiating gases Related Term(s): Older peopleHousingUse: Poisonous gases Assisted reproductionAssassination Use: Reproductive technologyDewey: 364.152 Assisted suicideSee Also: classes of persons and names ofindividuals with the subdivision Dewey: 205; 345Assassination [to be added as Use For: Doctor-assisted suicide;needed] Physician-assisted suicideBroader Term(s): Crime Broader Term(s): SuicideHomicide Related Term(s): Right to diePolitical crimes and offenses Association, Freedom ofNarrower Term(s):PresidentsUnited StatesUse: Freedom of associationAssassinationAssault, Criminal AssociationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Offenses against the person Dewey: 060; 302.3; 366Assault, Sexual Use For: Associations, institutions, etc.;Use: Rape Networks (Associations,institutions, etc.); Organizations;Assembly programs, School Voluntary associations; VoluntaryUse: School assembly programs organizationsAssembly, Right of See Also: types of associations; subjects,classes of persons, ethnic groups,Use: Freedom of assembly and names of individual persons,Assertive behavior families, and corporate bodies, withUse: Assertiveness (Psychology) the subdivision Societies; and namesof specific associations [to be addedAssertiveness (Psychology) as needed]Dewey: 155.2; 158.2 Narrower Term(s):AgricultureSocietiesUse For: Assertive behavior Charitable organizationsBroader Term(s): Aggressiveness (Psychology) ClubsPsychology Community lifeRelated Term(s): Self-confidence CooperationFinancial institutionsAssessment Nonprofit organizationsUse: Tax assessment Religious institutions74'