b'AthleticsAstronomyAtlases RationalismUse: StarsAtlases TheismAstronomyMathematics Athena (Greek deity)Dewey: 520.1 Dewey: 202Broader Term(s): Mathematics Broader Term(s): Gods and goddessesAstrophotography AthletesUse: Astronomical photography Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAstrophysics Dewey: 796.092; 920Dewey: 523.01 See Also: types of athletes, e.g. BaseballUse For: Astronomical physics players [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Astronomy Narrower Term(s):African American athletesPhysics Baseball playersNarrower Term(s):Black holes (Astronomy) Black athletesSpectrum analysis Olympic athletesTriathletesAstros (Baseball team) Women athletesUse: Houston Astros (Baseball team) Related Term(s): SportsAsylum AthletesCanadaDewey: 323.6; 342.08 Dewey: 796.092; 920Use For: Asylum, Right of; Political asylum; Use For: Canadian athletesRight of asylum; Sanctuary (Law) See Also: types of athletes, e.g. HockeyBroader Term(s): International law players, and names of individualNarrower Term(s):Political refugees athletes [to be added as needed]Sanctuary movement Narrower Term(s):Hockey playersCanadaAsylum, Right of Related Term(s): SportsCanadaUse: Asylum AthletesDrug useAsylums Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Institutional care Dewey: 362.29; 796Use For: Drugs and sports; Sports and drugsAt risk students Related Term(s): SteroidsDewey: 371.93 Athletes, BlackScope Note: Use for materials on students Use: Black athletesconsidered prone to academicfailure or other problems. Athletic coachingUse For: Disadvantaged students; High risk Use: Coaching (Athletics)students; Students with problems;Underprivileged students Athletic medicineBroader Term(s): Students Use: Sports medicineRelated Term(s): Children with social disabilities AthleticsDropouts Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAt-home employment Dewey: 796Use: Home-based business See Also: types of athletic activities [to beadded as needed]Athabasca Tar Sands (Alta.) Narrower Term(s):BoxingDewey: 553.2; 917.123 Coaching (Athletics)Use For: Alberta Oil Sands GymnasticsAtheism Martial artsDewey: 211 Olympic gamesBroader Term(s): Religion RowingSecularism Track athleticsTheology WalkingRelated Term(s): Agnosticism Weight liftingDeism WrestlingRelated Term(s): Physical education77'