b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSports StatesMaps [to be added asAtlantic Canada needed]Broader Term(s): GeographyUse: Atlantic Provinces MapsAtlantic Ocean Narrower Term(s):BibleGeographyDewey: 910.9163 Historical atlasesBroader Term(s): Ocean Human anatomyAtlasesNarrower Term(s):Bermuda Triangle StarsAtlasesUnited StatesMapsAtlantic ProvincesDewey: 917.15; 971.5 Atlases, AstronomicalScope Note: Use for materials discussing Use: StarsAtlasesNewfoundland and the Maritime Atmosphereprovinces of Nova Scotia, New Dewey: 551.5Brunswick, and Prince Edward Scope Note: Use for materials on the body of airIsland collectively. May be surrounding the earth. Materials onsubdivided like Manitoba except the chemical and physical propertiesfor History. of air are entered under Air.Use For: Atlantic Canada Broader Term(s): EarthSee Also: names of individual provinces [to be Narrower Term(s):Cloudsadded as needed] FogBroader Term(s): Canada SkyRelated Term(s): Maritime Provinces Upper atmosphereAtlantic States Related Term(s): AirDewey: 974; 975 BiosphereUse For: Eastern Seaboard; Middle Atlantic MeteorologyStates; South Atlantic States AtmospherePollutionBroader Term(s): United States Use: Air pollutionAtlantis (Legendary place) Atmosphere, UpperDewey: 001.94; 398.23 Use: Upper atmosphereBroader Term(s): Geographical mythsLost continents Atmospheric chemistryAtlas (Missile) Dewey: 551.51Broader Term(s): Physical chemistryDewey: 623.4; 629.47Broader Term(s): Ballistic missiles Atmospheric dustIntercontinental ballistic missiles Use: DustAtlases Atmospheric greenhouse effectDewey: 912 Use: Global warmingScope Note: Use as a form heading forgeographical atlases of world Atmospheric humiditycoverage. General materials about Use: Humiditymaps and their history are entered Atollsunder Maps. Use: Coral reefs and islandsUse For: Geographical atlasesSee Also: scientific and technical subjects with Atom smashingthe subdivision Atlases, for Use: Cyclotronsmaterials consisting ofcomprehensive, often systematically Atomic bombarranged, collections of illustrative Dewey: 355.8; 623.4plates, charts, etc., usually with Broader Term(s): Bombsexplanatory captions, e.g. Human Nuclear weaponsanatomyAtlases; and names of Narrower Term(s):Radioactive falloutcountries, cities, etc., with the Related Term(s): Hydrogen bombsubdivision Maps, e.g. United78'