b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: ADD (Child behavior disorder); AuctionsAttention deficit disorder in Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyadolescence; Attention deficit Dewey: 658.8disorder in adults; Attention-deficit Use For: Sales, Auctionhyperactivity disorder; Broader Term(s): SellingHyperactivity disorder; Narrower Term(s):Internet auctionsHyperkinesia AudiencesBroader Term(s): Abnormal psychology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAttention deficit disorder in adolescence Dewey: 302.33Use: Attention deficit disorder See Also: types of performances or eventswith the subdivision Audiences, e.g.Attention deficit disorder in adults Performing artsAudiences [toUse: Attention deficit disorder be added as needed]Broader Term(s): CommunicationAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Social psychologyUse: Attention deficit disorder Narrower Term(s):Performing artsAudiencesAttention-seeking Sports spectatorsUse: Showing off Television viewersAttitude (Psychology) Audio amplifiers, TransistorDewey: 152.4 Use: Transistor amplifiersUse For: Attitudes Audio cassettesSee Also: ethnic groups and classes of persons Use: Sound recordingswith the subdivision Attitudes, e.g.TeenagersAttitudes [to be Audio guidesadded as needed] Dewey: 910.2Broader Term(s): Emotions Scope Note: Use for audio guides and forPsychology materials on the audio guide as aNarrower Term(s):Conformity rercorded form.Empathy Use For: Audio tours; AudioguidesFrustration Broader Term(s): Sound recordingsJob satisfaction Audio toursPrejudices Use: Audio guidesRacismSexism AudiobooksStereotype (Social psychology) Dewey: 028TeenagersAttitudes Scope Note: Use for materials on soundTrust recordings of books, including butRelated Term(s): Public opinion not limited to materials recordedAttitudes specifically for the blind.Use: Attitude (Psychology) Use For: Books on cassette; Books on tape;Cassette books; Recorded books;Attorneys Talking booksUse: Lawyers Broader Term(s): Sound recordingsRelated Term(s): BlindBooks and readingAttracting birdsUse: Bird attracting Audiodisc playersUse: Compact disc playersAttracting wildlifeUse: Wildlife attracting AudioguidesUse: Audio guidesATVsUse: All terrain vehicles AudiotapesUse: Sound recordingsAuction bridgeUse: Bridge (Game) Audiovisual aidsUse subjects with the subdivision Audiovisual aids, e.g.Library educationAudiovisual aids; and80'