b'Authoritarianismsubjects with the subdivisions Study and teachingBroader Term(s): BuildingsAudiovisual aids, for the use of audiovisual aids in Centers for the performing artsthe teaching of those subjects, e.g. ScienceStudy Narrower Term(s):Concert hallsand teachingAudiovisual aids [to be added as Auntsneeded] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAudiovisual education Dewey: 306.87Dewey: 371.33 Broader Term(s): FamilyUse For: Visual instruction Auricular confessionSee Also: subjects with the subdivision Use: ConfessionAudiovisual aids to be added asneeded] Aurora australisBroader Term(s): Education Use: AurorasNarrower Term(s):Audiovisual materialsLibrary educationAudiovisual Aurora borealisaids Use: AurorasMotion pictures in education AurorasRadio in educationTelevision in education Dewey: 538Use For: Aurora australis; Aurora borealis;Audiovisual equipment Northern lights; Polar lights;Dewey: 621.389 Southern lightsRelated Term(s): Audiovisual materials Broader Term(s): GeophysicsMeteorologyAudiovisual materialsDewey: 025.17; 371.33 Auschwitz (Poland: Concentration camp)Use For: Multimedia materials; Nonbook Dewey: 365; 943.8materials; Nonprint materials Broader Term(s): Concentration campsSee Also: subjects with the subdivision AustraliaAudiovisual aids; and names ofspecific audiovisual materials [to be Dewey: 994added as needed] Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedBroader Term(s): Audiovisual education States except for History.TeachingAids and devices Narrower Term(s):AustraliansNarrower Term(s):Filmstrips Australian aboriginesLibrary educationAudiovisual Use: Aboriginal AustraliansaidsManipulatives AustraliansMotion pictures Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySound recordings Dewey: 305.82; 994Video recordings Broader Term(s): AustraliaVideotapes Narrower Term(s):Aboriginal AustraliansRelated Term(s): Audiovisual equipmentAustriaAudiovisual materials centers Dewey: 943.6Use: Instructional materials centers Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedAuditing States except for History.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Author and publisherDewey: 657 Use: Authors and publishersSee Also: topics and names of corporatebodies with the subdivision Auditing Authoring programs for computer-assisted instruction[to be added as needed] Use: Computer-assisted instruction Broader Term(s): Bookkeeping Authoring programsRelated Term(s): Accounting AuthoritarianismAuditoriums Use: FascismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically TotalitarianismDewey: 72581'