b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAuthorities (Persons) Related Term(s): CopyrightUse: SpecialistsAuthority Authors, AmericanDewey: 303.3 Use: American authorsBroader Term(s): Political science Authors, BlackAuthors Use: Black authorsDewey: 809; 920 Authors, CanadianUse For: Writers Use: Canadian authorsSee Also: authors of particular countries, e.g.American authors; types of writers, Authors, Englishe.g. Poets; names of national Use: English authorsliteratures with the subdivision for a Authors, French Canadianparticular kind of author, e.g. Use: Canadian authors (French)American literatureWomenauthors; American literatureAuthors, GayAfrican American authors; etc.; Use: Gay authorssubjects and names of countries, Authorshipcities, etc. with the subdivisionBio-bibliography; and names of Dewey: 808individual authors [to be added as Scope Note: Use for general materials on beingneeded] or becoming an author. MaterialsNarrower Term(s):American authors concerning the composition ofBlack authors special types of literature are enteredChild authors under more specific headings suchDramatists as FictionTechnique;English authors Biography as a literary form;Gay authors Short story; etc.Historians Use For: Writing (Authorship)Journalists See Also: individual writers, titles of literaryNative American authors works, and sacred works with theNovelists subdivision Authorship; e.g.Poets Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616Women authorsAuthorship [to be added asRelated Term(s): Books needed]LiteratureBio-bibliography Broader Term(s): LiteratureNarrower Term(s):Advertising copyAuthorsCorrespondence Authors and publishersDewey: 809; 920 Biography as a literary formBroader Term(s): Letters Business writingAuthorsHomes and haunts Creative writingUse: Literary landmarks DramaTechniqueEditingAuthorsInterviews FictionTechniqueDewey: 808 HistoriographyBroader Term(s): Interviews JournalingJournalismAuthors and publishers PlagiarismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Radio authorshipDewey: 070.5 Report writingScope Note: Use for materials on the relations Romance fictionTechniquebetween author and publisher. Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616Use For: Author and publisher; PublishersAuthorshipand authors Short storyBroader Term(s): Authorship Technical writingContracts Television authorshipPublishers and publishing Travel writing82'