b'AutographsVersification autobiography as a literary form areAuthorshipHandbooks, manuals, etc. entered under Autobiography.Use For: Memoirs; Personal narrativesDewey: 808 See Also: ethnic groups, classes of persons,Related Term(s): PrintingStyle manuals and subjects with the subdivisionAutism Biography or Correspondence, e.g.Dewey: 616.85; 618.92 WomenBiography; Authors Use For: Autism spectrum disorders; Autistic Correspondence; etc.; and namesspectrum disorders of diseases, events, and wars withBroader Term(s): Child psychiatry the subdivision Personal narrativesNarrower Term(s):Aspergers syndrome [to be added as needed]Related Term(s): Autistic people Broader Term(s): BiographyNarrower Term(s):Holocaust, 1939-1945PersonalAutism spectrum disorders narrativesUse: Autism United StatesHistory Autistic children 1861-1865, Civil War Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Personal narrativesDewey: 305.908 World War, 1939-1945 Use For: Children with autism; Children, Personal narrativesAutistic Related Term(s): DiariesBroader Term(s): Autistic people AutobiographyChildren with mental disabilities Dewey: 809Related Term(s): Parents of autistic children Scope Note: Use for materials on autobiographyAutistic people as a literary form. Collections ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically autobiographies are entered underDewey: 305.908 Autobiographies.Use For: People with autism Use For: AutobiographyHistory andBroader Term(s): People with mental disabilities criticism; Autobiography Narrower Term(s):Autistic children Technique; Autobiography as aRelated Term(s): Autism literary form; MemoirsBroader Term(s): Biography as a literary formAutistic spectrum disorders Narrower Term(s):Captivity narrativesUse: Autism Slave narrativesAutobiographical fiction AutobiographyHistory and criticismDewey: 808.3; 808.83 Use: AutobiographyScope Note: Use for individual works, AutobiographyTechniquecollections, or materials about Use: Autobiographyautobiographical fiction.Use For: Autobiographical novels Autobiography as a literary formBroader Term(s): Biographical fiction Use: AutobiographyAutobiographical graphic novels Autographed copiesDewey: 741.5 Use: Autographed editionsScope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials about Autographed editionsautobiographical graphic novels. Dewey: 016Broader Term(s): Graphic novels Use For: Autographed copies; SignededitionsAutobiographical novels Broader Term(s): AutographsUse: Autobiographical fiction EditionsAutobiographies AutographsDewey: 920 Dewey: 929.8Scope Note: Use for collections of See Also: classes of persons, ethnic groups,autobiographies. Materials about wars, and names of individualpersons with the subdivision83'