b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAutographs, or AutographsAutomation [to be added asFacsimiles [to be added as needed] needed]Broader Term(s): Biography Broader Term(s): Industrial equipmentWriting Machinery in the workplaceNarrower Term(s):Autographed editions Narrower Term(s):Feedback control systemsRelated Term(s): Manuscripts Industrial robotsAutographsFacsimiles LibrariesAutomationServomechanismsDewey: 929.8 Systems engineeringSee Also: classes of persons, ethnic groups, Telecommutingwars, and names of individualpersons with the subdivisions AutomatonsAutographsFacsimiles [to be Use: Robotsadded as needed]Automobile accidentsAutoimmune diseases Use: Traffic accidentsDewey: 616.97Broader Term(s): Diseases Automobile designNarrower Term(s):Lupus erythematosus Use: AutomobilesDesign andconstructionAutomataUse: Robots Automobile driver educationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAutomated cataloging Dewey: 629.28Dewey: 025.3 Use For: Automobile driversEducation;Use For: CatalogingData processing Car driver education; DriverBroader Term(s): Cataloging educationAutomatic bread machines Broader Term(s): EducationUse: Bread machines Automobile driversAutomatic control Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 629.28Use: Cybernetics Use For: Automobile driving; AutomobilesElectric controllersDriving; Car drivers; Drivers,Servomechanisms AutomobileAutomatic data processing Narrower Term(s):Distracted drivingUse: Data processing Automobile driversEducationAutomatic drafting Use: Automobile driver educationUse: Computer graphics Automobile drivers licensesAutomatic drawing Use: Drivers licensesUse: Computer graphics Automobile drivingAutomatic machinery Use: Automobile driversUse: Automation Automobile enginesAutomatic speech recognition Use: AutomobilesMotorsDewey: 006.4 Automobile guidesUse For: Mechanical speech recognition; Use: Automobile travelGuidebooksSpeech recognition, AutomaticBroader Term(s): Speech processing systems Automobile industryVoice Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAutomation Dewey: 338.4; 388.3Use For: Automotive industry; Car industry;Dewey: 629.8; 670.42 Motor vehicle industryUse For: Automatic machinery; Computer Broader Term(s): Industriescontrol Narrower Term(s):Service stationsSee Also: subjects with the subdivisionAutomation, e.g. Libraries 84'