b'AwardsCanadaUse For: Driverless vehicles; Vehicles, excessive desire for food, personalAutonomous possessions, etc. are entered underBroader Term(s): Vehicles Greed.Related Term(s): Remotely piloted vehicles Use For: CovetousnessAutonomy (Psychology) Broader Term(s): SinRelated Term(s): GreedDewey: 153.8Use For: Freedom (Psychology); AvenuesIndependence (Psychology); Use: StreetsSelf-determination (Psychology);Self-direction (Psychology) AverageBroader Term(s): Psychology Dewey: 519.5Broader Term(s): ArithmeticAutonomy and independence movements ProbabilitiesUse names of countries, states, etc. with the subdivision StatisticsSeparatist movements, e.g. Qubec (Province)AviationSeparatist movement [to be added as needed]Use: AeronauticsAutosuggestion Aviation accidentsUse: HypnotismMental suggestion Use: Aircraft accidentsAutumn Aviation medicineDewey: 508; 525 Dewey: 616.9Use For: Fall Use For: AeronauticsMedical aspects;Broader Term(s): Seasons Aerospace medicineBroader Term(s): MedicineAvailability of health services Narrower Term(s):Jet lagUse: Access to health care Related Term(s): Space medicineAvalanches AviatorsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Air pilotsDewey: 553.1 AvocationsBroader Term(s): SnowUse: HobbiesAvalon Peninsula (Nfld.) Awakening, ReligiousDewey: 917.18Broader Term(s): PeninsulasCanada Use: Religious awakeningAvant-garde (Aesthetics) AwardsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 001.4Dewey: 700.1 Use For: Competitions; Prizes (Rewards);Broader Term(s): Aesthetics Rewards (Prizes, etc.)Modernism (Aesthetics) See Also: types of awards and prizes; subjects,corporate entities, persons, andAvant-garde churches military services with theUse: Non-institutional churches subdivision Awards, e.g.Avant-garde films ArchitectureAwards; andnames of specific awards and prizes,Use: Experimental films e.g. Nobel Prizes [to be addedAvant-garde literature asneeded]Use: Experimental literature Narrower Term(s):Literary prizesNobel PrizesAvant-garde theater Stanley Cup (Hockey)Use: Experimental theater Related Term(s): ContestsAvarice Awards (Law)Dewey: 178; 205 Use: Arbitration and awardScope Note: Use for materials on an inordinatedesire for wealth. Materials on any AwardsCanadaDewey: 001.487'