b'Sears List of Subject Headingsstandpoint. Materials on religious BeowulfAdaptationsbelief and doubt are entered under Dewey: 829Faith. BequestsUse For: Doubt Use: GiftsBroader Term(s): Philosophy Inheritance and successionTheory of knowledge WillsNarrower Term(s):TruthRelated Term(s): Agnosticism BereavementFaith Dewey: 155.9; 248.8Rationalism Scope Note: Use for materials on the suffering ofSkepticism those who have lost a loved one.Materials on mental suffering orBell System Telstar satellite sorrow from other causes, especiallyUse: Telstar project loss or remorse, are entered underBelles lettres Grief.Use: Literature Use For: Mourning; SorrowBroader Term(s): EmotionsBells Related Term(s): ConsolationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically GriefDewey: 786.8 Bergen-Belsen (Germany: Concentration camp)Use For: Carillons; Chimes; Church bells Dewey: 365; 943Broader Term(s): Musical instruments Broader Term(s): Concentration campsBelly dancing Bermuda TriangleGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 001.94Dewey: 793.3 Use For: Devils TriangleBroader Term(s): Dance Broader Term(s): Atlantic OceanBelts and belting BerriesDewey: 621.8 Dewey: 634Use For: Chain belting See Also: types of berries, e.g. StrawberriesBroader Term(s): Machinery [to be added as needed], in theRelated Term(s): Power transmission plural formBeneficial insects Broader Term(s): FruitGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Fruit cultureDewey: 591.6 Narrower Term(s):StrawberriesUse For: Helpful insects; Useful insects Best booksSee Also: types of beneficial insects, e.g. Dewey: 011Silkworms [to be added as needed] Scope Note: Use for lists of recommended booksBroader Term(s): Economic zoology and materials about recommendedInsects books. Materials on the principles ofNarrower Term(s):Silkworms book selection for libraries areBenefit cost analysis entered under Book selection.Use: Cost effectiveness Use For: Best-book lists; Bibliography Best books; Book lists; Books andBenefits, Employee readingBest books; Choice ofUse: Employee benefits books; Evaluation of literature;Benefits, Fringe LiteratureEvaluationUse: Employee benefits Broader Term(s): BooksRelated Term(s): Book selectionBenevolent institutions Best sellers (Books)Use: Institutional care Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBengali language Dewey: 028; 070.5Dewey: 491.4 Use For: BooksBest sellersBroader Term(s): Indian languages Broader Term(s): Books and readingLanguage and languages98'