b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBibleChronology Broader Term(s): AtlasesDewey: 220.9 GeographyUse For: BibleHistory of biblical events Chronology; Biblical chronology BibleHermeneuticsBroader Term(s): Chronology Use: BibleCriticismBibleCommentaries BibleHistoryDewey: 220.7 Dewey: 220.9Use For: BibleInterpretation;Commentaries, Biblical BibleHistory of biblical eventsDewey: 220.9BibleConcordances Use For: History, BiblicalDewey: 220.3Scope Note: Use for works that list the words of BibleHistory of biblical eventsChronologythe Bible and give the passages Use: BibleChronologywhere each word occurs. Works that BibleIllustrationslist topics or names found in the Use: BiblePictorial worksBible and give the passages wherethose topics or names rather than BibleIndexesexact words are found are Dewey: 220.3enteredunder BibleIndexes.BibleInspirationBibleCosmology Dewey: 220.1Use: Biblical cosmology Use For: Inspiration, BiblicalBibleCriticism BibleInterpretationDewey: 220.6 Use: BibleCommentariesUse For: BibleCriticism, interpretation, BibleCriticismetc.; BibleExegesis; Bible Hermeneutics; BibleBibleIntroductionsInterpretation; Exegesis, Biblical; Use: BibleStudy and teachingHermeneutics, Biblical; Higher BibleLanguage, style, etc.criticism Use: Bible as literatureBroader Term(s): Bible as literatureBibleCriticism, interpretation, etc. BibleLiterary characterUse: BibleCriticism Use: Bible as literatureBibleDictionaries BibleMapsDewey: 220.3 Use: BibleGeographyBroader Term(s): Encyclopedias and dictionaries BibleNatural historyBibleDrama Dewey: 220.8Use: Bible plays Use For: BibleAnimals; BibleBirds;BibleBotany; Bible BibleEvidences, authority, etc. Flowers; BibleGardens; BibleDewey: 220.1Plants; BibleZoology;Use For: Evidences of the Bible Botany of the Bible; Nature in theBible; Zoology of the BibleBibleExegesis Broader Term(s): Natural historyUse: BibleCriticismBibleParablesBibleFlowers Dewey: 226.8Use: BibleNatural history Broader Term(s): Bible as literatureBibleGardens ParablesUse: BibleNatural history BiblePictorial worksBibleGeography Dewey: 220.022Dewey: 220.91 Use For: BibleIllustrationsUse For: BibleMaps; Biblical geography100'