b'Bible storiesBiblePlants Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use: BibleNatural history collections, or materials aboutBibleProphecies imaginative fiction in whichDewey: 220.1 characters and settings are takenUse For: Prophecies (Bible) from the Bible. Stories that areretold or adapted from the BibleBiblePsychology while remaining faithful to theDewey: 220.8 original are enteredunder BibleUse For: Biblical psychology stories.Broader Term(s): Psychology See Also: names of biblical characters with theBibleQuestion books subdivision Fiction [to be added asUse: BibleCatechisms needed]Broader Term(s): FictionBibleReading Related Term(s): Bible storiesDewey: 220.5 Bible filmsBroader Term(s): Books and reading Dewey: 791.43BibleStudy Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use: BibleStudy and teaching collections, or materials about biblefilms.BibleStudy and teaching Use For: Biblical filmsDewey: 220.07 Broader Term(s): Motion picturesUse For: BibleIntroductions; Bible Study; Bible classes Bible games and puzzlesBroader Term(s): Sunday schools Dewey: 793.73Use For: Bible puzzlesBibleUse Broader Term(s): GamesDewey: 220.6 PuzzlesBibleVersions Bible in literatureDewey: 220.4; 220.5 Dewey: 809BibleWomen Scope Note: Use for materials that discuss theUse: Women in the Bible Bible as a theme in literature.Broader Term(s): LiteratureBibleZoology Related Term(s): Religion in literatureUse: BibleNatural history Bible in the schoolsBible and science Use: Religion in the public schoolsDewey: 220.8 Bible playsUse For: Science and the Bible Dewey: 808.82Broader Term(s): Religion and science Scope Note: Use for individual plays, collections,Science or materials about dramatizations ofRelated Term(s): Creationism biblical events.Bible as literature Use For: BibleDrama; Biblical playsDewey: 809 See Also: names of biblical characters with theUse For: BibleLanguage, style, etc.; subdivision Drama [to be added asBibleLiterary character needed]Narrower Term(s):BibleCriticism Broader Term(s): Religious dramaBibleParables Narrower Term(s):Mysteries and miracle playsRelated Term(s): Religious literature Passion playsBible classes Bible puzzlesUse: BibleStudy and teaching Use: Bible games and puzzlesReligious summer schools Bible storiesSunday schools Dewey: 220.95Bible fiction Scope Note: Use for individual works,Dewey: 808.3; 808.83 collections, or materials about101'